Bifesta Cleansing Gel [DISCONTINUED]

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Release Date
2011.8.29 Repackaged in 2012
Mandom Corp.
Product Type
Cleansing gel

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2015.


Mandom Beauty’s Bifesta is a Japanese skin cleansing line that is water based but with the cleansing power of an oil. It replaces the Cleansing Express line of the same concept.

Bifesta Cleansing Gel is a Japanese cleansing gel that can quickly melts away waterproof mascara.

It is formulated with ionized hyaluronic acid to help skin retain moisture while cleansing.

The gel cushions the skin as it quickly and thoroughly lifts away waterproof mascara, long-wearing makeup, excess sebum, and impurities in the pores, preventing friction that can lead to irritation and dryness. It leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.

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Take a cherry-sized amount into palm and rub hands lightly. Gently massage entire face using your hands in a circular motion to melt away makeup, while paying special attention to sides of nose and chin. Rinse thoroughly with water. Can be used on dry or damp skin, but use dry for optimal result.


Water,, PEG-8 glyceryl isostearate,, isopropyl myristate,, cetyl ethylhexanoate,, butylene glycol,, dipropylene glycol,, hydrogenated polyisobutene,, glycerin,, alcohol,, magnesium sodium fluorosilicate,, do.not.copy,, hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate,, PEG-12 laurate,, acrylates/steareth-20 methacrylate copolymer,, polysorbate 80,, propylene glycol isostearate,, acrylates copolymer,, ethylhexylglycerin,, PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides,, methylparaben,, phenoxyethanol.


「ビフェスタ うる落ち水クレンジング ジェリー」の全成分:水、イソステアリン酸PEG-8グリセリル、ミリスチン酸イソプロピル、エチルヘキサン酸セチル、BG、DPG、水添ポリイソブテン、グリセリン、 エタノール、フルオロケイ酸(Na/Mg)、ヒアルロン酸ヒドロキシプロピルトリモニウム、ラウリン酸PEG-12、(アクリル酸アルキル/メタクリル酸 ステアレス-20)コポリマー、ポリソルベート80、イソステアリン酸PG、アクリル酸アルキルコポリマー、オクトキシグリセリン、水酸化K、PEG- 6(カプリル/カプリン酸)グリセリル、メチルパラベン、フェノキシエタノール

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