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Best Pick: TONYMOLY Gold Black Sugar Mask

Ever look in the mirror one day and find your skin looking as if you haven’t been taking care of it (and you know that is not true)? Skin feels bumpy and rough and it looks a tad dull. You want your skin to be smooth, supple, and bright now, not days later waiting for some magical potion to work.

This little pot arrived one my desk on day and just as luck would have it, my skin was having one of those days. What a perfect opportunity to try this beauty out!

My Korean is extremely limited but according to the official translated description, it contains black sugar and gold dust to gently exfoliate away dirt and dead skin cells while providing nutrients and moisture deep into the skin, leaving skin softer, smoother, and brighter.

Gold? That sounded gimmick-y right off the bat, eh? What does it do for the skin exactly? I’m betting on nothing. I didn’t see a speck of gold in there anyhow. That’s alright… a minor unimportant detail when the product retails for about the same price as a fastfood meal.

Let’s get on with the review! It has a yummy brown sugar scent. It’s quite tempting to have a quick lick but I’ll assure you that it’s better on your face not in your face, despite its sweet taste  – that’s right, I did have a lick! It’s extremely grainy, more a like super scrub than a mask. The instruction says to massage it in on wet skin before leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Frankly, I rather not treat my face like how my mum prepares whole chicken (she massages and scrubs it with sea salt) so allow me tell you how I’ve been using it.

I simply smooth it on just like any wash-off mask. I still get the exfoliation but without feeling I just sandblaster-ed my skin. I then hop in the shower and get a nice hot steam going. I do what I normally do in the shower while keeping my face away from the water (as it washes away quite easily). The mask gets a bit drippy as the black sugar starts to melt from the heat but that’s OK. That’s what you want and it’s good thing. I rinse the mask off just before I come out of the shower.

The result? My skin looks like it did a 180°. Its feels soft and baby smooth with no more unsightly bumps. It doesn’t feel tight, dry, irritated, or oily. My skin looks supple and vibrant.

I normally only do wash-off masks when skin needs extra help but I’ve been using it twice a week. It makes skin nice and keeps it that way.

TONYMOLY Gold Black Sugar Mask, such a steal! A 100ml pot is US$9.20+ from HERE.

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9 Comments on Best Pick: TONYMOLY Gold Black Sugar Mask

  1. That opening description is exactly me right now. Would most drug stores in Japan (or Tokyo) carry this product? This sounds like an exfoliator I could use once or twice a week and it won’t break the bank.

  2. i was able to use it twice now… i massaged my face with it for 10 mins & left it on my face for another 10 mins… result was amazing… i will definitely use it again.. may be ones or twice a week.. very cool!!!!

  3. I enjoyed using the samples, but more so because of its delicious fragrance than anything else. For physical exfoliation, I personally prefer peeling gels over scrubs now.

    • Oh cool. whenever you have the time I (and many others) would love to hear about the peeling gels that interest you. I only know of the Cure Aqua gel and Mizon’s. I havent made the plunge since so many people say its just polymers balling up and not actual dead skin for this products yada yada

      • It’s definitely not dead skin balling up. That being said, dead flaky skin and other surface impurities do get picked up by the process of the gel balling up.

  4. Have you tried the skinfood strawberry wash off mask? if so I would love to know your thoughts in comparison

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