Best Pick: Kuramoto Bijin Komeyu

Best Pick Kuramoto Bijin Komeyu

If you are searching for beautifully simple facial oils, then this is just about as unadorned as it gets. Kuramoto Bijin’s Komeyu (rice oil) has nothing in it apart from what’s in the title — just cold pressed, cosmetic-grade Japanese rice bran and germ oils produced by Tonoike Shuzouten, a renowned traditional sake brewery (their sakes have won awards worldwide!).

I like the idea of facial oils but I worry that they will irritate or clog my skin, as many have lots of ingredients added. Simple oils, on the other hand, often seem to have a rather earthy or farm-like smell to them which I find terribly off-putting. This is completely scentless and it works small miracles overnight, leaving me with very plump and glowing skin in the morning! For those with combination-dry skin who want an incredibly simple yet supercharged oil, this one is for you!

Best Pick Kuramoto Bijin Komeyu (bottle)

Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer protective layers of the grain whereas rice germ oil is obtained from the “embryo” of the kernel, and they’re loaded with phytic acid (a vitamin B complex said to stimulate circulation and skin cell renewal), vitamin E, and squalene, which are excellent for the skin. But what is most special is that they contain γ-oryzanol, which is unique to rice oil! γ-oryzanol is a powerful antioxidant, and studies have shown it can soothe irritation, reduce dark spots, and repair UV-induced damage in skin!

As Komeyu is light, it won’t sit heavily on your skin, either. Just one drop mixed in with my lotion or moisturiser, if I feel as though I need an extra little boost. I sometimes like using a few extra drops at night so that I can really massaging it in (I do the Tanaka’s Zogan massage method). It’s also brilliant on dry cuticles!

Best Pick Kuramoto Bijin Komeyu (closeup)

This is a great beauty oil to have about; very simple, but a nourishing, antioxidant, anti-ageing powerhouse. The sturdy dark amber glass bottle protects the lovely oil inside from damaging effect of UV rays. Overall, marvellous stuff! You can find 60ml of Kuramoto Bijin’s Komeyu online for ¥1,080 (approx. US$10.67) from Rakuten Global Market or Amazon Japan. It is also available on for US$16.59+.

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