Best Pick: Bifesta Tightening Cleansing Sheet

Best Pick Bifesta Tightening Cleansing Sheet

You probably know by now that I champion double cleansing (do read my post here if you’re not clear on what this is), but I do think that disposable cleansing wipes have their place.

They are really useful for quick emergency cleansing (if you find yourself without running water) or for makeup removal on-the-go. You have to be very careful which you choose — some feel like they wipe your skin and eyelashes right off, while others just don’t have enough oomph to fully remove makeup!

My go-to cleansing wipes are Bifesta Tightening Cleansing Sheet from Mandom. The cloth-like wipes are baby-soft yet sturdy and they’re quite large (15cm x 20cm to be exact), so you can use a clean surface every swipe. If you like Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion then you will love these! They do a superb job at picking up dirt, tenacious sunscreens, and makeup (even long-wearing, waterproof formulas) in just one to two swipes, and they leave the skin feeling fresh but not without any tightness. There’s absolutely no residue or stickiness. One cleansing wipe is more than enough.

There is a proper method to using these cleansing wipes. You can, of course, just take out one and start wiping your face with it — but that does it no justice. Take a wipe and fold it into small pad, hold it firmly over one of your closed eyes. Wait about 15 seconds then wipe away the loosened eye makeup! Do the same with the other eye using the other side of the pad. The wipes are like an eye makeup remover — they do a fine job at taking off my waterproof eyeliner and mascara without tugging skin or irritating eyes!

Best Pick Bifesta Tightening Cleansing Sheet swatches

In the photo above, I very heavily swatched on two gel eyeliners and a mascara. Using the method above (wiping twice), almost all traces are removed. Bare in mind that these were budge-proof, waterproof formulas and you will not be so heavy-handed with your application in real-life — a job well done!

After eye makeup is removed, surface cleanse the face. Even if you’re not wearing eye makeup, I’d still suggest folding the wipe before using, so the cleansing liquid is concentrated to a smaller area (which means better cleansing power) and it’s much easier to use a clean area every swipe.

I think that for keeping in you travel bag, desk drawer, or nightstand, they’re just perfect!

A 46 sheet-pack of Bifesta Tightening Cleansing Sheet is ¥526 (approx. US$5.17) from Rakuten (HERE).

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