Best Pick: FANCL Washing Powder (II Moisture)

I have always made a point not to have checked luggage when I air travel for work since I’m generally only going to be away for no more than 2 days and I want to avoid having my stuff lost in transit. For this reason, I prefer bringing as little bulky items as possible.

Most people decant their products into smaller travel-friendly containers but I personally find the whole process unhygienic and too troublesome. One thing that I bring with me is Fancl Washing Powder (II Moisture). It’s a white loose powder that turns into a cleansing foam when you mix with water.

It normally comes packaged in a 50g bottle but I only buy the individual packets that comes in a set of 50. Even though this works out to be more expensive than the bottle, the packets are a lot more convenient. Also, little bag of white powder (if I bag my own) can look rather suspicious, don’t you think?

What I love about it (other than the amount of space I save) is that the powder creates a rich, dense foam and it leaves skin feeling soft. I find the washing powder can actually soothe and calm irritated skin quite well. It is quite mild and gentle… so mild that it cannot remove water/sebum-resistant sunscreen or long-wearing makeup well on its own. That is not an issue for me though… in fact, it’s welcoming since my skin tends to act up when I’m travelling.

I don’t really use this at home because facial cleansing powders take more effort to use and I’m not limited to the size or type of products I can use.

Each packet is intended for single use but I can actually get 2 usages out of one. It really takes packing light into a whole new level when I only need to bring 2–3 packets (and that’s with extra) and they take about as much space as a business card!!!

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9 years ago

Which is better for oily skin: this version or the “light” version? TKS.

9 years ago

I tried this in the 50gm bottle & I loved it!!! It left my skin feeling soft to touch ( after the mild cleansing oil) but like what you said it’s too mild. Can you suggest a stronger cleansing wash ( powder/ liquid ) that has the same effect, that won’t leave my skin feeling dry & tight, PLEASE?!?! As you know I made you my SKIN CARE GURU. Can you review more products coz I only buy the ones that I need that you have reviewed already. All that I bought that you reviewed were PERFECT!!!

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