Worst Pick: Kiss Me Sunkiller Kireihada Water NA

Kiss Me Sunkiller Kireihada Water NA

Kiss Me Sunkiller Kireihada Water NA is actually quite decent. It feels fairly light and it is matte enough plus it’s non-drying and completely unscented (not just fragrance-free). Protection is pretty good too.  So why does it get a major thumbs down from me? Allow me to explain.

I bought it based on its description (on its packaging) that on top of being a protective sunscreen, it also functions as an excellent makeup base by giving the appearance of smooth poreless skin and a sheer tint to help even skin tone. It sounded good, right? To bad it didn’t turn out this way.

Their idea of giving the skin a smooth poreless look was to add a truckload of golden shimmers (that borderlined as being glitters) to standard sunscreen milk that is tinted  to a very light beige. Applying sparingly was a no-go. I had very obvious golden sparkles all over my face.  Even as a special effect for nighttime (like to a party or a club) would be too much, let alone for normal day to day.  To satisfy my curiosity,  I course tried applying 1/4 tsp of it (to follow the 2cm/mg2 rule for sunscreens) to my face to see what would happen. The result? I looked a like a glowy golden disco ball.

Did it help give the appearance of smooth poreless skin? Sure… I was too blinded by the golden shimmers to even notice any imperfections my skin has. Did it help even my skin tone? Yes, I had a very even glowing sparkly golden tone… too bad it was nothing remotely close to my skin colour.

I think my mum summed this sunscreen up nicely. “Is there a reason why you applied your gold eyeshadow all over your face?”, she said when she saw me with it on (and no, I wasn’t even applying anywhere near the correct amount). Perhaps this would work better on someone with golden tan skin but on my light peachy skin tone, it looked ridiculous. Maybe I’ll save it for Halloween.

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