Worst Pick: Mentholatum Skin Aqua UV Bihada Milk

2008 packaging

I am not a fan of Mentholatum sunscreens in general but Mentholatum Skin Aqua UV Bihada Milk is by far the worst I have tried.

It is a tinted milk-type sunscreen for the face that is supposed to moisturize while giving skin a smooth luminous look. The tint is described as a natural pink which is supposed to give skin a brightened look that will work perfectly as a makeup base. Basically it is promising beautiful skin which is what bihada (name of the product) means in Japanese. In reality?

It took forever to absorb. It still felt sticky few hours after application. It also made my skin looked quite shiny in a sunscreen-y kind of way. It wasn’t labelled to be water/sweat/sebum resistant but for a Japanese sunscreen (which are formulated to withstand the very hot and humid Japanese summer), this was absolutely terrible!! Any signs of heat or humidity and this was done. It also made my makeup slide off faster. As for moisturizing skin, it didn’t dry me out but it offered no noticeable difference in skin moisture level either.

Like the outer packaging stated, it did contain shimmers. The shimmers were quite fine and they weren’t a problem by themselves… BUT in a sunscreen formulation that already had a shiny film to it, the combination was far from flattering. I can’t image what it’ll look like on someone with oily skin!!!  As for the tint, it prevented any chances of white cast the sunscreen may have on its own but it made no difference on the skin (which wasn’t an issue for me).

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