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Worst Pick: Fasio Sunscreens

Through a combination of an assortment of sample packets and regular bottles, I’ve pretty much tried all Fasio facial sunscreens that were released this year and the last (2009). Despite the reformulations, I feel about them all the same so I’m reviewing them together. I’m using “worst” very loosely since while I really don’t like them, they are semi-tolerable.

Fasio sunscreens all reminded me of Shiseido’s sunscreen line — Anessa, which most probably know by now (from another Worst Pick review), I absolutely cannot stand. Like Anessa, Fasio offers 3 types: a waterproof formulation for outdoor activities, daily use formulation, and a shimmery pearlescent version for daily use. There  was a mild formulation that used physical filters only but it has been discontinued this year. They feel very similar to Anessa sunscreens but without the drying factor. They all feel like I’ve applied a coating on my skin.

The waterproof type is not meant for daily use so when used for its intended purpose , it’s quite tolerable. It’s really not gonna budge even if you want it to. I’ve wrote a detailed review on the 2009 waterproof version. The 2010 formulation felt pretty much the same  (no noticeable difference), despite slightly different ingredients so I’m not gonna go into details again.

The daily use type (called Daily Use in 2009 and Smooth Off this year) felt pretty much the same as waterproof except it was slightly less filmy and it can be removed with ease (regular cleanser is enough).  It took quite a while to full absorb and it left a slight sheen on the skin. I really dislike the way it felt since this too was far too heavy and filmy for my liking. I would hate to have to use this daily considering the many much better options out there. The mild type was pretty much the same as this but with a slight white cast.

The shimmery type? It’s basically the regular daily use sunscreen plus shimmers. The sunscreen is already a bit shiny as is. Do I really want to add more shine?

I tolerated Fasio sunscreens to the extend that I finished all of what I had since I didn’t want them go the waste and they weren’t that awful. If you like Anessa sunscreens and wish for something very similar but less drying and more moisturizing, you might like Fasio. Me? I absolutely cannot stand Anessa sunscreens so any formulations that feel similar will get a thumbs down from me. The Fasio line looked to be doing yearly reformulations too… but again, why bother? Despite the slightly different ingredients, they felt and performed the same anyway.

Here’s an interesting fact: despite being a major sunscreen line from Kose, a major cosmetic company in Japan, Fasio is surprisingly not popular. Fasio sunscreens are rarely mentioned online whether in reviews, blogs, or PR press reports. They’re just sort of there with no one paying any attention.

This review is part of the “My Best & Worst Picks” ongoing series.

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