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Worst Pick: Curel UV Milk SPF25 PA++


My last Worst Pick entry dated back eight months ago. Why has Curel UV Milk “earned” a spot in my Worst Pick? When something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Curel UV Milk SPF25 PA++ has been highly regarded among dermatologists in Japan for years. Ask them to recommend a sunscreen for sensitive skin, and more often than not, they will tell you to try this.

Perhaps because it does not contain alcohol, fragrance, colourant, or UV absorbers. This is not a rare quality though. There’re many Japanese sunscreens that fit this bill and with higher UV protection to boot!

As far as claims go, Curel UV Milk pretty much has everything covered for a daily use sunscreen! Lightweight texture? Check. No white cast? Check. Silky smooth finish? Check. Act as makeup base? Check. Moisturises? Check. Soothe irritated skin? Check. Protect against free radicals? Check… I could carry on but I’m sure you get the point.

The reasons why I really don’t like this sunscreen are quite simple and straight forward so I’m not going to go on about every single detail. There is no need. It smells and looks, and feels a “sunscreen” — filmy, shiny, oily, tacky with a distinct white cast. It does nothing to soothe my slightly dry, irritated skin caused by the environment. In fact, my skin feels and looks worse using it — dry spots look drier, irritated areas become red.

I don’t need a constant reminder that I have sunscreen on but most of all, it should not make skin worse especially when it is heavily pushed to be ideal for sensitive skin.

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2 Comments on Worst Pick: Curel UV Milk SPF25 PA++

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your review. I have similar issues to you (dry, red) and am wondering what you recommend instead of this? Especially since you mention there are many others on the market with higher SPF/PA.

    There’s no date, but I think this post may be quite old, but I thought I’d ask! I’m searching for a physical-only sunscreen that is cosmetically elegant, no white-cast (I find this is basically impossible when applying the correct amount unless it’s tinted, so tinted definitely welcome), with a matte/satin finish – what I try usually tends to be very shiny/sticky or very matte/drying with no in-between.

    • You’re right — this is a really old review. It was written over 10 years old! This sunscreen has been discontinued for years already. Even its immediate replacement has been discontinued as well. My current skin is actually neither dry nor sensitive, and I don’t have an issue with redness. White cast depends on your skintone. If your skin is medium or darker, all physical-only sunscreens with fairly high SPF/PA will have a noticeable white cast.

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