Worst Pick: Biore Marshmallow Whip

There is a myriad of self-foaming facial cleansers in the market and Biore Marshmallow Whip is the cheapest of the bunch in Japan. It is marketed around its texture and consistency of the foam, which is supposedly like whipped marshmallow — ultra-fine, fluffy, and very dense — like the product name suggests.

It claims that with just 2 pumps, you get a handful — or as the commerical shows, a near tennis ball-sized amount — of whipped marshmallow-like foam that cushions the skin as you cleanse to prevent direct skin-to-skin contact, minimizing friction. Its “unique” texture supposedly wraps the skin to lift sebum, dirt, and whatever else off your skin for baby-like smoothness.

Its commercial in Japan certainly makes it look to be one of the most innovative cleansers around. In reality, it’s nothing more than a lacklustre cleanser with subpar foaming ability masked by fancy, attention-grabbing marketing.

Over the years through my site, my job, and my own personal shopping, I have tried and tested more foaming cleansers — as I prefer the foaming kind — than I care to remember. There is absolutely nothing unique about Biore Marshmallow Whip’s texture as all — that’s right, all — regular foaming cleansers can be easily and quickly worked into a lather of the same (often better) density and texture using the right technique. Alternatively, you can  save yourself the trouble by just investing 100 yen plus tax  in a Japanese washing net that will lasts you a good few years.

This does produce foam in one pump but its foam is nothing like its name implies. Each pump gives such a mediocre amount of foam that 2 pumps is no where near enough to produce the amount that its advertisments is showing. I need at least 5 full pumps to even come close. The foam appears to be fluffy and dense as it is being dispensed but once I’m using it to cleanse my face, it quickly turns rather liquid-y and drippy. unlike the foam produced by other drugstore Japanese foaming cleansers.

It does an acceptable job at removing excess sebum and general daily grime from your skin but for everything else, you will need a separate remover. Despite its mediocre cleansing ability, it still managed to slightly dry out my skin.

It only takes seconds for me to get a fluffy, dense foam going with regular foaming cleansers using a Japanese foaming net so I personally don’t get the appeal of self-foaming formulation especially when they tend to run much quicker. Considering Biore Marshmallow Whip‘s main selling point is the foam’s texture and nearly all Japanese foaming cleansers I have used do a much better job at that, this has earned a spot as my Worst Pick.

This review is part of the “My Best & Worst Picks” ongoing series.


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