My Top Beauty Picks of 2015

I hope you all have had a productive and rewarding year! I can’t believe it has been 5 years and a half since I wrote my first post! Massive thanks for your support — RatzillaCosme has now had well over 6.9 millions pageviews this year alone, so I consider the product information I provide and my personal recommendations to be a huge responsibility. I try to cater for a wide audience, but ultimately, I write about the things that I have my interest piqued and recommend products that I’d actually use.

There are plenty of recommendations if you browse through the review section as well!


Sekkisei Lotion Excellent

I love the feeling of rediscovering an old favourite. Kose’s Medicated Sekkisei Lotion Excellent was a staple in my normal skincare routine years ago before I started this site. They are 2 versions of this, one is domestic (Japan-only) and the other is for export, and their ingredients and packaging designs are slightly different. It very well could be just a conditioned response, but Japan’s version seems to pack a much heftier punch when it comes to getting the skin clearer, brighter, and more refined. It’s an old tried-and-tested favourite that works fast on small blemishes, red marks, flaky patches, and lacklustre complexion! The watery lotion is 200ml and you can find Japan domestic version online at Rakuten Global Market for ¥4,860 (approx. US$40.37) HERE. Both versions are on for US$54+.


NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin Creamy UV Essence

Kao’s new Nivea Sun Protect Plus Creamy UV Essence sunscreen was released early this year. I wasn’t wowed by this at first (you can read my full review here), preferring its previous version which is significantly more moisturising or typical mattifying milk formula, but I must say that this is a bit of a grower. At first, I couldn’t really “get” the cream texture yet completely matte, dry finish that was going on, but now I love it! It combines the ultra-light, mattifying quality of sunscreen milks with the ease-of-use of daily use formula. Its substantial texture makes it much less drying in cooler months and also easier to apply generously. Find it HERE — ¥768 (approx. US$6.44) or ¥737 (HERE).


Flow Fushi Moteliner Liquid Takumi

Budgepoof liquid eyeliner that’s easy to use sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? But ’tis true. The Flow Fushi Moteliner Liquid Takumi is infamous in Japan. It’s really incredibly good! I feel half the battle of drawing a stable, smooth line with liquid liner is finding the right pen. Moteliner‘s octangular shape gives hand a much better grip the standard round variety. Its brush tip is developed by brush-making craftsmen in Kumano (it produces most of the brushes made in Japan), and it has just the right amount of firmness to create amazing precision in one swoop! It goes on so, so smoothly and the colour doesn’t fade throughout the day at all. This eyeliner doesn’t budge one bit, not until you remove it under very specific conditions. You can swim in it, trek through the Amazon rainforest in it — it won’t move so long as you don’t apply warm water and then rub! I use Brown Black and it’s ¥1,620 (approx US$13.46) at Rakuten Global Market HERE — also comes in usual black and brown. You can also find Moteliner on for US$27.22+ HERE.


MINON Amino Moist Clear Wash Powder

Minon are one of that few brands that I trust to be neutral and unaggressive, and their MINON Amino Moist Clear Wash Powder launched early 2015 has quickly made way into my travel skincare essentials. This enzyme powder face wash specifically targets dry, sensitive skin and helps to eat away dead skin cells and other impurities, but there’s no feeling of dryness or tightness after rinsing. It’s a fantastic fresh, non-aggravating face wash for skin that can be prone to congestion but also sensitive and aggravated at the same time. ¥1,765 (approx. US$14.65) from Rakuten Global Market HERE.


Paula's Choice Resist Weekly Retexturizing Foaming Treatment 4 BHA

Another new skincare discovery in 2015 that has become a permanent fixture on my bathroom shelf is the Paula’s Choice Resist Weekly Retexturizing Foaming Treatment 4% BHA, which I wrote about in its own full page review. Its smell leaves a lot to be desired, but this may be the most effective BHA that I’ve tried to date. Just one full pump every 2 to 3 nights is all I need to keep my pores clean, skin cleared and more toned. It costs US$35 from Paula’s Choice. Use code “PRBHA16” to get 20% off your order and free standard shipping to North America (expires 2016/05/30). You can also get US$10 off first order over US$15 — no code necessary, it gets added automatically using the link HERE.


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