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Top 5 Japanese Sunscreens for Summer 2011

Summer is here in full force. Easy-on, easy-off sunscreens that are perfect for spring just won’t do anymore. Now it’s the time to pull out the big guns — ones that can survive the heat and humidity!

My picks for getting through this summer season?  Here’s my list (in no particular order):

1. ALLIE Extra UV Protector (Perfect Alpha)
It has just the right balance of oil-control and moisture so skin is never dried out or feel greasy and heavy.

2. Mentholatum SUNPLAY Super Block (c)
It feels non-sticky and comfortable. Its dirt cheap price (can often be found for 400 Yen!) makes slathering generously on the body easy on the wallet.

2011 version

3. ATTENIR Body Protector UV50 Smooth Barrier
A sunscreen for the beach that feels like a lightweight body moisturizer.

4. Clé de Peau BEAUTE UV Protection Cream
Luxurious whipped cream-like texture that makes skin looks a million bucks.

5. Evita Whitening Protector N
Quite moisturizing yet still feel lightweight with a silky smooth finish. Stick with products designed for your age group? I think not!

Notable mention: ANESSA Perfect Essence Sunscreen
Didn’t make my list but… it prevents skin from drying out and feels decent enough on and once is on, it’s really not going anywhere.

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