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Economical Japanese Sunscreens for Daily Use of 2012

I’m sure we’ve all moaned about how incredibly tiny Japanese sunscreens are at one point or another. A little 30ml bottle — pretty standard for most brands — won’t get you very far if you use it everyday. 24 days to be exact for just the face (or 12 days including the neck) if you’re using the full recommended amount to get the labelled protection. If you’re using it on your arms and chest as well, the tiny bottle would probably be finished within a week!

Gels seem to be the trend for sunscreens this year as every major brand has added a high protection sunscreen gel to its sunscreen lineup. What’s great about them are their large sizes, fresh water-like texture, no unsightly white cast, and highest PA rating at a very accessible price!

I should stress that these sunscreen gels are meant for regular daily use only. If you’re heading to Santorini or going on a hike in Arizona, they won’t do you much good as they’re not resistant to much of anything. They’re easy-on, easy-off (so put those cleansing oils away)!

Suhadafit UV Water Gel SPF30/PA+++ (90g/840 JPY)
This water-based gel is filled with good-for-skin moisturising ingredients and it feel and look like nothing is on the skin, like applying water.

2012 packaging

Mentholatum SKIN AQUA Sara-sara Gel SPF32/PA+++ (80g/945 JPY)
It applies like water and leaves a silky, smooth finish.

Mentholatum SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Gel SPF32/PA+++ (150g/1,260 JPY)

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) PA+++ rated Japanese sunscreens available and it’s nearly always on sale at one store or another! Non-sticky, watery fresh sensation, and very good value for use on the body.

Mommy UV Mild Gel SPF30/PA+++ (100g/945 JPY)
A moisturising gel that is free of alcohol, silicones, and fragrances. Ideal for drier, sensitive skin.

Mommy UV Mild Gel

Mama Hug Sunscreen Gel SPF25/PA+++ (100g/998 JPY)
It feels light and hydrating, and can be dispensed and applied with just one hand. Perfect for applying on squirmy kids.

Fasio Airy Shield UV Gel SPF50/PA+++ (80g/1,260 JPY)
It has one of the the best (if not the best) UV protection around for sunscreen gels due to the filters used, and it’s the only that is labelled to be sweat and sebum resistant. It doesn’t feel as watery fresh but it feels delightfully refreshing on the body.

Fasio Airy Shield UV Gel

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