Best Pick: Sexy Girl UV Perfect Cut Spray

Sexy Girl UV Perfect Cut Spray N

I love the convenience of Sexy Girl UV Perfect Cut Spray. The mist is dispersed very evenly and it dries extremely quickly.  There is no white cast and it doesn’t leave your skin with any sort of finish. It doesn’t mattify the skin and it doesn’t leave a sheen either. Other than the light berry scent it leaves your skin, you don’t even notice that it’s there.

I prefer using a separate sunscreen on my face but this is marketed for both body and face. I love how handy this is especially when I’m on-the-go.  I use it on my face over makeup on accasion when I’m out and about and it works perfectly. I just close my eyes and  spray directly on the face (like you would with a makeup setting spray). It dries quickly and makeup is not disturbed at all.

This is a must-have in my purse in the summer. I use it alone and also as a touch-up (on top on my regular sunscreen) when I’m outside in the sun for a while. Sometimes, I find putting on regular sunscreen too troublesome, especially on the body — don’t we all? — and, if reapplication is needed during the day, things can get even more annoying. This is where this sunscreen comes in.  You just spray and go — or spray while you’re on the go. It’s quick, convenient, mess-free, non-staining and fresh-feeling.

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