Best Pick: Skin AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk

Best Pick: Skin AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk

The SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk is exemplary. It’s an undetectable milky fluid that keeps the skin hydrated and offers very high SPF50+ PA++++ protection that is suitable for both everyday wear and sports. It’s very adaptable, suit-all formula, so if you’re still struggling to work out which sunscreen might be right for you then it’s a safe bet. (Do also take a look at the Japanese Sunscreen Comparison Chart, which take a brief look at the site’s top 20 most popular sunscreens of 2017.)

The sunscreen uses micro-ecapsulated technology to improve stability and help the UV filters distribute more evenly on the skin. It also prevents the UV filters from actually absorbing into the skin, making it better tolerated on sensitive skin and potentially safer longterm. And then there’s the fact that it’s one of the very few skincare products that contains RonaCare® AP (Bis-ethylhexyl hydroxydimethoxy benzylmalonate). A new super powerhouse ingredient that is said to stabilise UV filters, protects the skin from oxidative stress, and reduces skin inflammation. Yes, it’s also alcohol and fragrance-free.

Taken in natural daylight

I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about this sunscreen — it’s easy to apply, leaves no greasy or chalky residue on the skin, and doesn’t interfere with makeup. It’s just as lightweight as the super popular Biore UV milks but much more moisturising, so if you wanted something significantly less ‘arid’ but still has that familiar very thin consistency then it’s perfect. Oily skinned people would probably want to use a mattifying primer (Cezanne Mat Keep Base is excellent) or powder over — this offers absolutely no oil-control and it isn’t mattifying whatsoever. But it isn’t a product’s ‘fault’ since it never claimed to offer any. This is called “Super Moisture” after all — it aims to deeply moisturise drier skin! On my relatively normal skin, I can use it alone without a separate moisturiser underneath and it leaves a smooth, skin-like finish that is neither glowy or matte. Drier skin would appreciate the extra hit of moisture that it provides.

SKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Milk SPF50+ PA++++, 40ml, is widely available online, including (US$11.85+) and Rakuten Global Market (¥810, approx. US$7.34). Shake it well before you use it. accepts press samples but does not participate in sponsored product placement posts. Outbound links to retailers are usually affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on one of these links and make a purchase. This does not cost you anything but you are welcome to search the products on a new page if you prefer.

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  1. No dates printed — they’re completely unnecessary as products get revamped on a daily annual basis. Rule of thumb for sunscreens is 3 years from manufactured date for unopened product. Once it’s opened, it’s good for a year.

  2. Hello, I need your help like crazy: I am travelling to Japan and I made a little list on skincare and beauty things to buy. And THEN I run into your page. The thing is that I am super mega reactive to comedogenic ingredients, and now I’m lost on what to buy. I don’t have lots of money to waste, so I need a hand: Facewash, day cream, night cream, UV protection, foundation and concealer for sensitive, reactive skin?! Please 🙂

    • Unfortunately, reactions to ingredients are completely individual — no charts, tools, or other people will be able to tell you whether a product will cause your skin any problems. So I don’t have any recommendations to give you, specially since my own skin is very resilient and not prone to acne. I’d suggest checking ingredient lists if you’re trying to avoid any specific ingredient(s).

    • Why not stick to skincare that’s readily available to you in your home country or online and that’s catered to sensitive skin? You might want to just pick a small number of products and patch test with their testers(if available). People with very reactive skin should be cautious when experimenting.

      • Yeah, I “ll do that. Fortunately I am not sensitive to retinoic acid and I keep buying cleansers and mosturizers from Avene over the years. That combo plus super healthy habits allow me to have at 37 years old a wrinkle free skin. I think will buy in Nihon some concealer (cle de peau is good?) and lipstick anyway, just for fun.

  3. Hopefully, this one will work ‘cos I discovered I’m sensitive to alcohol.

    But strangely, I tested Shiseido Anessa Aqua UV Booster, with a super heavy dose, quite a few times on my most sensitive areas and the alcohol didn’t bite. I wonder why…The Perfect Mild one did tingle on my skin.

    Btw, any good brand of hand cream to recommend for very dry hands? Perhaps Pax Naturon?

    • My go-to hand cream when my hands are dry and irritated is Avene Cold cream Hand Cream. It doesn’t contain silicones.

      • Oh that’s great. I went to pick up a small tube of the Avene hand cream. ^^ If it works, I’ll get another one. 😛

  4. Have tried number of Japanese sunscreens and I have to say this is the one that I’m most in love with right now!

  5. omg this literally sounds amazing, I need to grab myself a tube of this! Wish I didn’t just buy the Nivea Creme one haha

    • The Nivea Creme one is richer and a tad more moisturising. I’d say it’s also more user-friendly as well since it applies and feels like a moisturiser cream.

      • Oh that’s good to know! I bought it but haven’t tried it out yet, just need to use up my Canmake one first.

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