Best Pick: SKIN AQUA SaraFit UV Sara-sara Essence

This latest formula of SKIN AQUA SaraFit UV Sara-sara Essence with SPF50+ PA++++ is a good one; uncomplicated, unfragranced, very inexpensive, and effective. Its particular USP is that the daily wear formula is fast-absorbing and feels silky smooth even when applied over sweaty, sticky skin on a hot, humid summer’s day.

I’ve gone through many tubes of the SaraFit UV Essence. It has become my “default” body sunscreen for normal day-to-day activities in the summer — partly because it’s always ridiculously cheap in Japan. It’s a lightweight, completely invisible sunscreen that feels refreshing to apply and free from any sort of chalky, gunky residue. I can apply a thick wad of it without it transferring onto everything my skin brushes against.

Best Pick SKIN AQUA SaraFit UV Sara-sara Essence

The formula contains a blend of hydrators alongside the chemical (organic) UV filters, so despite the instant-absorbing effect on the skin, it never feels drying. Perhaps those with dry, sensitive skin might prefer something less alcohol-laden, but it has never bothered my drier areas.

For those wondering how the SaraFit essence compares to the insanely popular Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence: I think the SaraFit feels fresher on hot, sticky skin than the Biore and it stays put slightly better. It’s also cheaper and has more straightforward formula. If you want a more velvet feel, Biore is the more appropriate option. I use neither on my face.

SKIN AQUA SaraFit UV Sara-sara Essence is US$12.40 for 80g at Amazon. In Japan, I can almost always find it on sale for less than ¥450 — if you’re paying the RRP of ¥800, you’re paying way too much!

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