Best Pick: Sidmool Alpha Whitening Power Ampoule

Best Pick Sidmool Alpha Whitening Power Ampoule

Another great product from Sidmool (I already really like the Goodspot Cream and Dr. Troub Skin Returning Zinc Cream for reducing inflammation and redness): the Alpha Whitening Power Ampoule. This is a concentrated serum (aka “ampoule” in Korean skincare “speak”) that fades hyperpigmentation — it’s the third product to my holy trinity of blemish care.

Things that I love about this product? It worked! I find it quite difficult to test dark spots-reducing skincare. It’s hard to see a difference unless you invest a lot of time (many weeks sometimes even months) into using it daily and even then, it’s hard to really say whether the result is down to the product, chemical exfoliants that I use, or just time working its magic. But in this case, I did start to see a very clear difference from around week two. It was brighter, more evenly toned (dare I say paler), and there was a most definite change in post-pimple dark marks. What had been a troublesome mid-brown colour, were faded to a very pale tawny brown.

Sidmool’s Alpha Whitening Power Ampoule uses niacinamide, arbutin, and vitamin C derivative as well as a garden variety of herbal extracts to target hyperpigmentation. It’s an effective little cocktail and, as I said, I have seen a definite change in clarity and fading of my little marks. However, if you have very severe discolouration or want your pesky dark spots gone ASAP, it’s worth seeing a specialist. There’s only so much that beauty products can do. It’s better to spend money on treatments or procedures that give the full effect quickly than the same amount on trying beauty products that will only have some effect.

Screenshot from Sidmool’s product page

Just cleanse, prep skin with watery lotion (aka toner), and then pop on the Alpha Whitening Power Ampoule. According to Sidmool, other serums and essences (including ones featuring vitamin C) — if you wish to layer them — would go on after. I’m struggling to find things that I don’t like — previously it would have been the size, which at 12ml would mean it will be finished in no time but at ₩13,000 (approximately US$12.58) it’s very reasonable indeed. I bought all my Sidmool products from its official shop on 11street. You can also find it on for US$20.99 or eBay for US$17.50.

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