Best Pick: SEED Radar Whitening Milk

Best Pick SEED Radar Whitening Milk

Here’s a very effective and affordable moisturiser for you, if you’re after something intensely moisturising but totally lightweight and simply formulated.

SEED is a classic Japanese eraser brand, famous for its Radar line of all-purpose plastic erasers launched in 1968. After 50 years, nothing has been changed about it — including its signature blue packaging sleeve! In 2016, it has partnered with StationeryCosme to launch a skincare line of 5 products. With a nod to its eraser roots, the line claims to eradicate discolourations from the skin. The packaging is nostalgic, with the rectangular bottle-shaped just like the classic Radar eraser and in that familiar blue and white colours.

SEED Radar Whitening Milk

I actually discovered SEED Radar Whitening Milk when a local shop gave me a shopping bag full of seemingly random beauty products to try. It’s a fragrance-free, non-fussy formula that feels immensely soothing after an acid peel treatment and is a good neutral choice if you want something to follow whatever active you’ve applied.

I find the moisturiser has a kind of slip that gives skin a plumpy-comfort feel without the grease or stickiness. If you have incredibly dry, rough skin then this is not for you but I find it to be the perfect choice on my normal days and when it’s slightly dry and flaky.

Best Pick SEED Radar Whitening Milk (swatch)

As for its claim on erasing hyperpigmentation, I’m not banking on it. I’ve never had issues with dark spots as a result of sun exposure or hormonal changes, but I have had to deal with post-blemish marks. The key ingredients there to address discolourations have never done much for my skin in the past. Personally, I prefer to address these kinds of skin concerns with watery lotions and treatments/serums that use more potent actives and so this isn’t a problem.

You can find the SEED Radar Whitening Milk online at YesStyle here — it’s US$21.24. In Japan, the RRP is ¥1,850.

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