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Best Pick: Wafood Made Sake Kasu Pack

Best Pick Wafood Made Sake Kasu Pack

I haven’t gone on too much about masks; mostly because, if truth be known, my beauty routine has been adequately filled without them. My skincare routine already consists of big guns, like powerful retinoid, potent serums, intensive moisturisers, and highly protective sunscreens. So I haven’t really felt the need to reach for instant indulgences.

Sheet mask has been de riguer in Japan for decades, which upsets me because I really can’t stand the feel of the cold, slimy sheet on my face. It also feels quite wasteful. Face mask that you rinse off, on the other hand, isn’t a mainstream norm. It also seems more trouble than it’s worth.

I have been using a mask more often lately, but only in the bath. Because the sheet doesn’t feel as unpleasant and it’s easier to rinse off old-school face mask properly. More importantly, it prevents my face from drying out and it also gives me something to do.

Wafood Made Sake Kasu Pack, made ultra-popular by Fan Bingbing (China’s highest-paid actress who is known for her love of sheet-masking), is one that I’ve been reaching for the most. It’s fantastic. So long as you love sake. Because there’s a shedload of it going on here. It contains the rice liquor itself and sake kasu, the leftover solid bits that remain during the making process. The sweet smell of sake and feel of the sake kasu-like paste clinging to my skin, it’s a full-on experience.

Its sticky, dense paste texture is one of my favourite things about the mask. It sticks fast to the face even if you’re in a hot, steamy bath and you’ve just cleansed your face. You don’t get runny, melted mask slowly running into your eyes and mouth.

(Note: “Sake” actually refers to any alcoholic drink in Japanese. The traditional alcohol made from fermented rice is called “nihonshu” in Japan which literally means “Japanese alcohol”.)

The Wafood Made‘s Sake Kasu skincare range is marketed for those in their 30s–40s who are concerned with dryness and dullness. The pack contains sake and sake kasu to soften and break down dead skin cells and replenish moisture at the same time. Leave it on for 10 minutes — longer is good — and you’ll reap the benefits if your skin is feeling a bit dry and lacklustre. Soft and springy skin that feels ultra-smooth. It’s a nice one if you want to do some in-bath pampering but don’t want to particularly renew, deep cleanse, or take off ten layers of skin.

Packaging at its most minimalist and frugal. A simple squeezy pouch with a plastic nozzle — no fuss, little waste, and easy to get every single last drop from the inside. You frequently come across this type of packaging with large format refills and wash-off face masks in Japan.

pdc’s Wafood Made Sake Kasu Pack is sold in drugstores across Japan. RRP is ¥1,200 for 170ml and you can find it online at DOKODEMO for close to the same price. Alternatively, it’s also available on Stylevana for US18.78 — use code INF105COSME at checkout for an extra 10–15% off.

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