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Best Pick: NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream [DISCONTINUED]

Best Pick NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream

Now here’s a sunscreen that I know a lot of people have been waiting for. Kao Corporation (which, by the way, actually own Kanebo), one of Japan’s leading manufacturers on sun care products has launched a new SPF50+ PA++++ sunscreen cream for everyday use. Not your typical sunscreen cream  that leaves your skin greasy and heavy either — this one is super lightweight. It’s a bit like a smoother, more moisturising version of the popular Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence.

NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream is a moisturising yet really lightweight cream formula that absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. I suppose, though, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from the company that have already brought me several of my most favourite sunscreens. It applies beautifully and sinks in easily — and after a minute or two, there’s nothing left at all to suggest that you’ve applied a high protection (PPD16+) sun cream to your skin. Apart from soft, moisturised skin! If you don’t have particularly dry skin, like me, then you might like to skip the moisturiser and apply this straight after serum.

Best Pick NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream swatches

This is a great option for people with drier skin who want a perfectly invisible finish, who dislike the dry, matte, silicone-y smooth feel that many milk and essence formulas can leave. It is also one of the very few skin care products, that had Mr. Ratzilla (a very fair Scandinavian with dry, sun-sensitive skin) hooked from the first use.

Best Pick NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream code

Date: Lots rumours floating around online that the there is expiration or production date printed on Japanese sunscreens. I’ve never seen the export versions, but domestic (Japan’s) version DO NOT have dates printed anywhere (they are completely unnecessary as most get renewed every 1 to 2 years). What is printed is the production code.

The NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream SPF50+ PA++++ is US$13.70+ from eBay HERE.

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34 Comments on Best Pick: NIVEA Sun Protect Plus Skin UV Cream [DISCONTINUED]

  1. Is this a good sunscreen for broad spectrum UVA and UVB? It seems a lot of Japanese sunscreens don’t cover short-wave UVA (like my fav Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel). I’m currently trying to find a similar sunscreen that covers all UVA and UVB. Any recommendations?

    Also I live in the UK and wondered if Nivea sun protect water gel spf 33 is suitable for winter sun?

    • You’re not looking at the right sunscreens then. Everyday use sunscreen gels for face and body (like the Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel) will all have very similar UV protection — they’re intended more for the body than the face. This would be better (it is PA++++ afterall!), but its texture is significantly richer.

      Winter sun? Depends on where you are and your skin. UV is very intense if there’s snow on the ground.

    • This is for normal everyday use where you get minimal sun exposure. It shouldn’t be used if you’re going to be in the sun long enough to get a tan.

        • Countless. Have you browse through the sunscreen pages? There’re currently 339 sunscreens listed there — most are formulated for both face and body!

          • Can you recommend some that are bigger than normal size . Also do you think the price of the sunscreen reflect how good it is. like are the ones that are 10$ and less are as good as 10+? Thank you

            • If you need something with excellent UV protection and water/sweat-resistant, 90g is the biggest — and, there’re only 2 available that size (Allie and Anessa). Next biggest size would be 80g — there’re only a few, all by Kose.

              Good and affordability are entirely subjective. You can find protective sunscreens in all price range, but what someone finds acceptable in terms of price, protection, texture, and finish, may not be the same for you.

  2. Hi Ratzilla, are there any sunscreens you’d recommend that might stay put around my eyes and not irritate them? I love how this sunscreen feels on my face but through the day it migrates into my eyes and irritates them horribly. I have the same experience with Biore Brightening and Alle Perfect Alpha. As long as I don’t use them near my eyes it’s fine, but I’d like to find a separate sunscreen I can use there.

    • I’ve never experienced such problem with any of the sunscreens I’ve tried, but I don’t apply them very close to the eyes and my skin isn’t oily. A good pair of sunglasses (I like Ray-ban) everyday is your best friend in terms of prevention.

  3. Ratzilla, May I ask your advice? I have very dry skin and melasma. Heard that chemical sunscreens can cause/irritate melasma (not sure about the Japanese chemical SS though). Also allergic to alcohol. Have been using Biore Bright Face Milk but now I see it is for oily skin and has alcohol. Would you please recommend a sunscreen for my dry melasma skin for every day use (under makeup) and also one for water sports? Many thanks in advance!

    • If you have been using the Biore without any problems so far, I don’t see the reason to switch to something else. I don’t have your skin type, but many people with melasma seem to do much better with physical sunscreens — something high in zinc oxide.

      • Thanks for your reply! I am allergic to the alcohol in the Biore and it also really drys out my skin. I am hoping to find a good zinc based SS, PA++++, with no alcohol for dry skin but is light and stays on in humid weather. The Biore effect is nice but alcohol is too harsh.

  4. Loving ur blog! I’ve been mostly buying Japan made sunscreen exclusively, due to your blog; and
    Much thanks.
    Do you have a pic of the texture? Would love to try this.

  5. oh no! it has cyclopentasiloxane which makes cystic acne for me. Its so hard to find an Asian SS w/o this ingredient 🙁

  6. I just got this and I really like it a lot for my combo/dry skin. It’s mosturizing but not greasy or sticky.

  7. Ratzilla I am new to these products. I reside in the U.S. I would like to know what trusted website would you recommend to purchase the products that you have listed.

    I appreciate any feedback!


    • I recommend buying beauty products from their country of origin, so Korean cosmetics from Korea, Japanese from Japan. I personally like (and have bought from) Rakuten — most sellers there are actual physical stores in Japan, so there is no absolutely no mark-ups.

    • Thank you for your recommendation Ratzilla! Question do you know if they ship to the US and how much they charge for shipping? Sorry for all the questions!

      • International shipping is charged according to the overall weight of your package. Default shipping method is EMS.

        My product info posts have direct links, and I generally link to vendors that will ship via Airmail or SAL if specifically requested, which isn’t many.

  8. How does it compare to the Biore Bright Face Milk (ver.2014? And which one do you prefer personally? Thanks! 😉

    • This isn’t comparable with Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF50 PA++++ — completely different formula and for different skin types. If you need oil-control and want something mattifying, the Biore milk would be a better choice.

      I don’t dislike the Biore Mousse, but it’s not something I would replace if I finished it either. I much prefer this.

      • Thank you so much! Last Q though, if I’m going to stock up and purchase few pcs for myself, how long will a sunscreen stays effective when new & unopened? And once opened?

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