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Best Pick: NIVEA Sun Creme Care UV Cream

I am going to keep this short and sweet. When it came to the new NIVEA Sun Creme Care UV Cream it was “love at first wear”. So rich and velvety yet fresh-feeling, such a silky-slip to the application — you would never guess that this is a standalone, dedicated sunscreen with SPF50+ PA++++ protection. I could happily use it as a regular moisturiser. It’s nicely moisturising for those with normal to drier skin but has a pleasingly skin-like finish. Quick to sink in and not at all greasy, but you definitely feel the effects and it doesn’t interfere with makeup.

close-up swatch of NIVEA Sun Creme Care UV Cream SPF50+ PA++++

The “Creme Care” in NIVEA Sun Creme Care UV Cream comes from the fact that it has Nivea Creme’s signature blend of jojoba oil and squalane in the base. (Yes, the famed multipurpose cream in the blue tin has a different formula in Japan!) It keeps the skin perfectly hydrated and I can apply it as an eye cream without stinging or irritation.

Everyone should be using UV protection on their hands daily (if you want them to stay in pretty good shape) and this is what I’ve been keeping in my bag. The portable tube is very travel-friendly (its cap will not twist off on its own when rolling around in the bag, unlike many standard hand creams!) and it doesn’t make hands greasy or slippery.

I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about this daily sunscreen/moisturiser-with-SPF. It’s just excellent. You can find it online at HERE.

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16 Comments on Best Pick: NIVEA Sun Creme Care UV Cream

  1. Hello Ratzilla, I have very dry skin and this sunscreen seems perfect but I notice there is alcohol in it. Isn’t it a problem for my type of skin. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • It’s only a problem if your skin is sensitive to it. I personally have never found products that are high alcohol inherently drying. In fact, some of the most drying sunscreens I’ve tried are alcohol-free.

    • Product’s ingredients are other info are always provided in a separate section — just click on its name in the review or the product image at the sidebar.

  2. Could you compare the finish of this sunscreen to the NIVEA Sun Protect Plus UV Milky Essence? The Milky Essence is working well for me, although I wish I could find something more matte that suits my very dry skin.

    • It’s a lot more moisturising than the Milky Essence as it is targeted at dry skin — it’s like a moisturiser cream with SPF added in terms of texture, finish, and usage.

  3. I’d love to get my hands on this! unfortunately, I can’t… but thankfully the chemists in my country (Brunei) have quite a few Asian sunscreen selections. is the brand Sunplay readily available in Japan as well? what do you think of them generally? and what do you recommend for a very oily skin a good sunscreen? thank you again, i’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now (probably since 2010) and i appreciate the hard work you’ve contributed with the reviews and ingredient listings!

    • Rohto’s Sunplay line has different formulas for various countries. The ones you have in Brunei do not have the same ingredients as the ones in Japan. Personally, I don’t like them at all.

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