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Best Pick: Naive Bath-Use Cleansing Oil

Best Pick Naive Bath-Use Cleansing Oil

Sometimes as soon as I get home at night, I will hop right into my shower and just when I get soaking wet, I will remember that I haven’t taken my makeup off yet. Cleansing oils are my product of choice for removing makeup and most need to be used on bone dry skin to effectively remove long-wearing makeup, and you’ll probably already know that if you’ve been reading RatzillaCosme for a while.

There’re many cleansing oils that claim to be equally effective when used on damp skin, and I have tried many of them, but they just don’t cut the mustard. Most still emulsify (turn milky white) on contact with damp skin. But, I was pleasantly surprised with Naive Bath-Use Cleansing Oil from Kracie! It’s like many of the more expensive, cleansing oils (dry use) that I really like — light texture and scent-free (no obnoxious fragrance or odd odour). It has quite a powerful yet non-stripping formula that melts makeup (even waterproof mascaras) on contact, even on damp skin.

The cleansing oil is formulated for use on wet skin so the formula takes slightly longer and more water to rinse away, but it doesn’t make much difference when you’re already in the shower or taking a long soak in the tub.

I really like the packaging; it’s sturdy, practical, and neutral and — furthermore — water doesn’t seep into the bottle through the neck, so I keep it right in the shower. Though for everyday use I still prefer my regular cleansing oils because they feel better at thoroughly deep cleansing skin, Kracie’s Naive Bath-Use Cleansing Oil really makes makeup removal hassle-free. So worth picking up if you’re looking for a cleansing oil that you can easily keep and use in the shower.

A 250ml bottle is ¥484 on Amazon Japan.

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17 Comments on Best Pick: Naive Bath-Use Cleansing Oil

  1. I just bought this off an Amazon seller but it does turn a bit white when I pump it into my wet hand. Does that mean it’s emulsifying and/or a fake? Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I’ve never used a cleansing oil before.

  2. Is this safe for removing eye makeup? I know you mention it removing mascara, but when I tried to use it my eyes stung and it was difficult to remove. I had to wash my face three times- once with a japanese foaming cleanser and twice with cetaphil. Am I doing something wrong? 🙁

    • Yes, most if not all Japanese cleansing oils are eye-safe — they’re after all, makeup removers. I’ve never encountered any difficulties with it. How were you using it?

      • I put the oil on my face and massaged all over for 30 seconds while keeping my eyelids closed. My skin was dry, no water. Even though I massaged the oil over my eye makeup, it didn’t remove it all.

        • I almost never bother closing my eyes when I use cleansing oils, including this one — most don’t irritate my eyes at all. I keep this in the shower so I always use this on slightly damp skin. Takes slightly more time, but it still breaks down waterproof mascara well.

          The main point of this cleansing oil is that it can be used damp skin as well (hence its product name). I personally wouldn’t use this if you’re removing your makeup outside of the shower — there’re plenty of better ones out there.

          • Oh okay, maybe I’m just really sensitive then. I bought this one because I can be pretty forgetful, but tried using it with dry skin thinking it would work better. Guess I’ll try a sensitive skin brand.

            Thank you for your help 🙂

      • thanks.
        My skin is combination with sensitive and redness on my cheeks.Do you think i should use cream/ micellaire instead of oil? and also i’ve been told that parabens (-paraben) are bad for you know any cream/oil without parabens?thank you

        • There is no “should”. Use whichever type of makeup removers you prefer. Regarding parabens… blueberries and carrots both naturally contain them — it’s a popular myth that people like to spread. I personally would pick parabens which have been tested and used for decades over the newer substitutes which have not been time-tested.

  3. Hi ratzilla, doea this mean that you just put thia cleansing oil on your damp face, massage and rinse? No need to emulsify like the other cleansing oil, lets say fancl cleansing oil?

    • You do the same thing with all cleansing oils — very gently massage then rinse with water. The difference is that this will work on damp skin as well.

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