Best Pick: GEKKA Sleeping Pack


The GEKKA Sleeping Pack has been a real beauty essential for giving a huge moisture boost and soothing my skin post chemical peel — just a spatula-full application last thing at night and my skin looks a hell of a lot fresher, smoother, and brighter in the morning.

The idea behind sleeping pack (or overnight mask) is that it “seals” in the products you apply before. So lotion (an all encompassing Japanese beauty term for toner, softener, and Korean’s “skin” and “essence”) and serum; or lotion, serum, moisturiser; or whatever going on with your skincare that night. This works really well over a serum, but it doesn’t feel too much if you want to go batsh*t crazy with your skincare either. It’s very hydrating and nourishing, but lightweight. It’s not like sleeping in lard or honey, but it isn’t so light and fresh that it simply disappears into the skin either. It forms a nice “topcoat” that’s not sticky nor greasy. I also occasionally use it over freshly cleansed skin as sort of an all-in-one treatment — it’s very soothing and hydrating even on its own —  but I do feel that it peps up my other products when I layer it on last.

Best Pick Gekka Sleeping Pack

The GEKKA Sleeping Pack features dipotassium glycyrrhizate, a powerhouse ingredient that is soothing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing as well as helping to correct hyperpigmentation. Add to that a comprehensive cocktail of humectants and antioxidants (hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E, amino acids, oryzanol just to name a few!) and you have a very nice all-rounder.

Best Pick GEKKA Sleeping Pack open

This GEKKA overnight mask is very focused on reducing visible pores. I don’t struggle with enlarged pores, but I do have pores near my nose area that are visible up close. They definitely look more refined in the morning. Very good indeed, but it’s far better at soothing, smoothing, and plumping skin — more than just a regular gel-cream moisturiser, it feels it has a specific function and one that it does well. It’s a high-powered, well-formulated overnight mask that locks everything and gets it working harder. This is also brilliant as an in-flight mask; it really helps to counteract the effects of the dry cabin air without any drawing attention to your face (skin just looks dewy fresh).

You can find the GEKKA Sleeping Pack online at Rakuten Global Market HERE — it’s ¥2,980 (approx. US$27.15) for 80g or Amazon US currently have it online for US$29.69+.


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