Best Pick: Dr. Wonder Wonder Patch Plus

Best Pick: Dr. Wonder Wonder Patch Plus

Hydrocolloid acne patches. I don’t think I need to go into any explanations for what they are and how they work (again). Japan (and I dare say even the Western market) doesn’t hold a candle to South Korea when it comes to these acne patches; not the way in which huge, incredibly affordable varieties are widely available. There’s an entire section dedicated for them in stores and they range from ₩3,000 for 24 patches to ₩9,000 for 60-80 patches!

I picked up Dr. Wonder’s Wonder Patch Plus under the recommendation of the knowledgeable staff at Olive Young, a popular beauty chain in South Korea. I praised the discreteness and effectiveness of COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch last year — these ones by Dr. Wonder are superbly better.

For a start, these are cheaper and look even more undetectable but the main reason is that these adhere well even to non-bare skin. I can do my usual skincare routine and apply Sidmool Goodspot Cream on the pimple, then stick the patch on as the last step. In fact, I can even reposition it and it will still stay firmly in place. This would be utterly impossible with COSRX’s or Nexcare’s — any hint of product or moisture on the skin and their patches will slide right off.

Best Pick: Dr. Wonder Wonder Patch Plus

While it isn’t the thinnest on the market — Dr. Wonder’s Wonder Patch Plus is 0.2mm but CORSX’s Clear Fit Master Patch (black packaging) is just 0.12-0.14mm — it certainly looks one of the most undetectable. Unlike the ultra-thin patch by COSRX, this doesn’t have a noticeable sheen nor weirdly pucker on the skin. It lays perfectly flat on the skin and it’s barely visible at arm’s length.

For in-your-face pimple, one with a distinguishable head, the Wonder Patch Plus is absolutely perfect — it absorbs all the gunk, keeps bacteria out, and promotes healing. Actually, even if the pimple doesn’t have a head (yet), the patch still works a degree of magic. I find my blemish flatten, de-redden, and ultimately disappear from my face much faster using the patch over my usual blemish treatments than leaving it uncovered.

I bought Dr. Wonder Wonder Patch Plus in Korea from Olive Young for around ₩9,000, but you can find it online from Amazon USA for US$13.97. You get 2 sizes (12mm and 24mm) in a pack of 60 patches. I chose the bigger ‘Plus’ variety since I wanted something that can double as a regular bandage for little nicks. If you want something not as big, Dr. Wonder’s Wonder Patch in the mint-green label is smaller (10mm and 12mm), but exactly the same otherwise.

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