Best Pick: Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Hot Peel Cleansing Gel

Best Pick Dr.Ci:Labo VC 100 Hot Peel Cleansing Gel

This vibrant orange tube contains one of the most delectable of cleansing gels. It feels a bit like honey but without the stickiness.

In terms of user experience, Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Hot Peel Cleansing Gel is top-notch. It feels very comforting and warm to apply, and it soon melts into a robust, sumptuous honey-like oil as you massage it on dry skin. (Do make sure that skin is dry, because you want to get the full makeup/dirt-dissolving effect!) Its therapeutic oil blend turns a perfunctory skincare step into something more indulgent and uplifting.

The formula contains enzymes and lactic acid so I’m supposing that if you leave it on the skin for a few minutes, it has a bit of an exfoliating effect. That is what I do anyway, and my skin certainly looks and feels smoother. It also boasts to unclog pores and brighten skin.

Best Pick Dr.Ci-Labo VC100 Hot Peel Cleansing Gel (swatch)

The gel removed long-wearing makeup quickly with ease, but I like to leave it on for a little longer, almost like a semi-mask, because it seems such a shame to immediately wash it off. It rinses off at lightning-speed, taking everything with it without any need for a second cleanse with a face wash. Skin feels nicely clean — not too tight and squeaky. I especially like the fact that if your skin is feeling a little dry, you can simply splash it off with water and it leaves the skin feeling comfortable. If you wear waterproof eye makeup though, it’s best to use a separate eye makeup remover. You’re not supposed to get this into your eyes.

Ingredients are quite spectacular. It includes papaya enzymes and AHA to deep cleanse pores and gently exfoliate dead skin cells away (one of the reasons I like to give this a few minutes to get going on my skin), coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids, and fullerenes. It also features the VC100 series’ signature blend of vitamin C derivatives. Dr.Ci:Labo’s official Singapore website has the full ingredient list in English (which is identical to Japanese).

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Hot Peel Cleansing Gel (150g) is ¥2,721 at Amazon Japan — international shipping is available via AmazonGlobal. You can also find it for US$50.90 at YesStyle.

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2 years ago

Would this replace an oil-cleanser? Seeing as you mentioned using it on dry skin?

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