Best Pick: CEZANNE Make Keep Base

Best Pick CEZANNE Make Keep Base

If you find that your foundation slips or goes patchy where your skin is oilier (like your nose and forehead), a good mattifying makeup base will create a smooth surface and help to control sebum so that your foundation stays put for longer. Even if you don’t wear any makeup, it is still incredibly useful for counteracting shiny sunscreen without powdering yourself into a dry oblivion.

Cezanne Make Keep Base is quite brilliant for oily and combination skin and is one of my favourites, especially considering the price point. It is perfectly matte (as you’d hope!) but doesn’t feel ‘arid’. Even in stifling heat and humidity of summer in Japan (to the point where letting hair completely air-dry is impossible), it seems to be able to keep even the worst cases of shine-overload at bay. It’s one of the very few things that manages to make my skin look good in this weather — even better than a dusting of powder. Skin is matte without looking powdery or dull, and my foundation applies smoothly and easily over the top.

I much prefer mattifying my skin at an early stage than powdering and touching-up my face throughout the day. This does the job without the frill and frippery. And well. It uses mineral filters only and it’s alcohol-free too, so it’s a suit-all formula. My only gripe is that the milky fluid sometimes has tiny globs in it (as you can see from the photo above) if I don’t shake it enough. Even so, it doesn’t affect the application in any way — those little globs blend out just the same.

This is a permanent fixture in my summer kit — along with Gatsby Oil-Clear Paper & Sheet that I have trusted for years. It’s oil-controlling, sweat-resistant, skin-mattifying, and virtually undetectable. (It also claims to be pore-blurring and skin-brightening, but I use quite sparingly and mainly on the T-zone, so I don’t really see a visible difference.)

Cezanne Make Keep Base SPF28 PA++, just ¥648 for 30ml from Amazon Japan HERE — international shipping via AmazonGlobal. It’s also available on (USA) for US$18.86+ HERE.

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1 year ago

Do you apply your sunscreen at the end after using this product?

Darkness before the dawn
Darkness before the dawn
1 year ago

this really isthe stuff of dreams. never have i ever seen my nose stay shine free forso long

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

Won’t the sunscreen ingredients interfere with your other sunscreen?

3 years ago

Does this go before or after sunscreen? And do you think this is sweat-resistant?

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