Best Pick: ANESSA Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N

Best Pick Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N

When I really like something, fast-moving essentials-wise, I tend to bulk buy when I see them quite heavily discounted. Which is why I have Shiseido’s Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N in last year’s packaging — I bought three 90g tubes earlier this year as I saw them on clearance for just ¥950 each at a local drugstore! The current 2015 version looks slightly different but the formula has remain completely unchanged. (See the link above for ingredients and other technical info.) Unless you need to have the latest batch, buying last year’s version can often save you quite a bit of money. Standard shelf life is 3 years — it really doesn’t matter whether it’s made a year or 2 months ago if you’re going to go through it quickly.

Best Pick ANESSA Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N (tube)

Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N SPF50+ PA++++ is a lightweight moisturising gel formula that doesn’t leave any residue on skin or clothes and provides the very best UV protection that is water-resistant. This has been my go-to sunscreen for my body since last summer (I mentioned it briefly in my Summer Skincare Essentials post last year) — I’m currently on my third tube. I find it just light enough to wear without getting sticky or greasy in ultra hot and humid weather, but still hydrating and substantial enough to keep my dry body skin from getting uncomfortably dry and tight. (My driest body parts are oddly the arms! Without proper care, they get dry, itchy, and flaky even in the middle of summer. Most sunscreens that I love on my face make the situation worse — milk formulas as well.)

Best Pick ANESSA Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N (hand)

My summer body sunscreen must be water and sweat-resistant — not that I swim (absolutely despise it) or I’m a particularly sweaty person, but I don’t very much see the point of applying a sunscreen that will transfer onto everything I touch or melt off at the first signs of heat! This is high in mineral UV filter (zinc oxide), but it totally disappears into the skin without leaving a greasy or white residue. There’s no overpowering fragrance or unpleasant chemical odour, and it’s really easy to apply. I can slather it all over my exposed body parts (generally my limbs), and not have to worry about it rubbing off and staining my clothes or leather.

Best Pick Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N (dark)
on cowhide leather

The 2015 packaging of Shiseido’s Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N is ¥1,900 (approx. US$15.82) for 60g at Rakuten Global Market HERE. You can also find it on for US$37.72 HERE.


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