Best Pick: FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

Throughout the years, I’ve tried countless cleansing oils from many different brands. While I’ve tried many that I think are decent and might repurchase, FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil and I go way back.

I’ve used it since 2002. That’s nearly a decade! Somehow even after a few major reformulations, this is still my favourite. I can’t say that about any other product!

This is certainly no miracle product but it is one of the few things that does exactly what it says — nothing more, nothing less!

It dissolves all traces of makeup in seconds including long-wearing Japanese mascara and it rinse off completely and cleanly with no residue. It never irritates or dries out my skin either. Its texture is refreshingly light as well. What’s also great is that it’s preservative-free and its manufactured date is clearly printed on each bottle — the latter is extremely rare for Japanese products!

I also love that every once a while, there is a special limited edition packaging available. Who doesn’t love pretty packaging? On top of that, free sample packets are readily available in stores so you can test at home before you buy. It also comes in a few different sizes so you can buy the best size to suit your needs (to ensure product freshness).

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8 years ago


How do you use this product? Just dispense a little from the bottle and spread it over face, then rinse with water? Or rinse with foam or other face wash? Is this a good product to remove mineral sunblock? Looks like rakuten has almost everything you review here. Do you happen to know how long it takes to ship in US? I am trying to figure out the shipping and customs that will add up to the package vs buying from US ebay or Amazon. Not sure which one is more economical. Thank you, S.

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