Best Pick: ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer

Why do I love it so? Because it’s super quick and easy to use — as fool-proof as a foundation can get really — and, it gives natural glowy skin. I have pretty good skin but it’s far from perfect. This really smooths and evens out any unevenness in texture or tone my skin has. Coverage is light — like its name ‘ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer‘ implies — but it is buildable. It blends into my skin perfectly and it lasts throughout the day without any changes — no oxidizing or settling into pores.

Another reason why I love it? Japanese market doesn’t try to create an illusion that tinted moisturizer is a skincare item — you’re not really wearing “makeup”, just a moisturizer with a bit of colour — unlike North American brands. If I had a dollar everytime someone said they weren’t wearing (or don’t use) any makeup just tinted moisturizer… Despite its name, I really appreciated the fact it is appropriately categorized and labelled as a liquid foundation — nothing more, nothing less — in their website, in the product’s official press release, and in person from the beauty advisors at ADDICTION counter. It really eliminates confusions such as whether moisturizer is still needed or when to apply sunscreen — confusions that seem very prevalent among ladies in English-speaking countries.

This review is part of the “My Best & Worst Picks” ongoing series.

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