@cosme The First Half-Year Best Cosmetics of 2013

Japanese cosmetics ranking 2013

It’s time for the first half-year best cometics rankings of 2013 on @cosme, Japan’s largest and most popular (and very influential) beauty community site.

Aside from writing comments, reviewers on @cosme also give points (total worth 7 points) to each product.

The rankings are based on the number of reviews each product has received (for products released in the defined period, totaling to 4,793 products) and its overall points collected from November 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013. The more high points a product receives, the higher it is placed on the ranking.

Also listed is the product’s retail price for your reference.


Makeup Remover

☆ 1stParaDo Skin Care Cleansing ¥1,260/120ml

☆ 2ndCOSME DECORTE AW Meliority Repair Cleansing Cream ¥10,500/150g

☆ 3rdWhite Label Premium Placenta Cleansing Gel ¥945/120g


☆ 1stLUSH Let The Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser (Limited Edition) ¥780/80g

☆ 2ndDETclear Bright & Peel Fruits Enzyme Powder Wash ¥945/75g

☆ 3rdRMK Sherbet Moisturizing Soap ¥2,940/135g

Lotion (a.k.a. Toner)

☆ 1stJuju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Lotion *2013 formulation* ¥1,260/200ml

☆ 2nd ☆ Hada-Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion ¥1,260/170ml

☆ 3rdMeishoku Organic Rose Moisture Soda Mist ¥998/80g

Beauty Serum

☆ 1stShiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ US$125/30ml

→ ¥10,800 (approx. US$103.93) from Rakuten: HERE

☆ 2ndYves Saint Laurent Beaute FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR SERUM US$150/30ml

☆ 3rdHAKU Melanofocus CR ¥10,500/45g


☆ 1stClarins White Plus Brightening Hydrating Emulsion ¥6,930/75ml

☆ 2ndEXAGE WHITE White Crystal Milk III ¥3,150/110g

3rd place not awarded.


☆ 1stShiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask ¥7,875/US$68/6 sheets

2nd and 3rd place not awarded.


☆ 1stL’OREAL PARIS REVITALIFT UV Block ¥1,995/30g

☆ 2ndSuisai Perfect UV Day Emulsion II ¥3,570/35g

☆ 3rdShiseido ANESSA Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+ ¥3,150/60ml


Makeup Base

☆ 1stCOFFRET D’OR Full Keep Base UV EX ¥2,940/25ml

☆ 2ndCHANEL CC Cream ¥6,615/US$55/30ml

☆ 3rdGuerlain Blanc de Perle Lightening UV Base ¥7,140/£43/30g

Powder Foundation

☆ 1stLUNASOL Skin Modeling Powder Foundation ¥5,775/10.5g

☆ 2ndMAQuillAGE True Powdery UV ¥4,200/10g

☆ 3rdSOFINA Primavista Powder Foundation UV (Long Keep) *2013 formulation*  ¥3,990/9g

Liquid Foundation

☆ 1stLancome Mat Miracle 24H ¥5,250/30ml

☆ 2ndLISSAGE White Liquid Foundation ¥5,250/30ml

☆ 3rdADDICTION Tinted Skin Protector ¥4,725/30g


☆ 1stCOSME DECORTE AQ MW Secret Glow ¥6,500

☆ 2ndEST Longlasting Loose Powder Lucent ¥4,725/15g

☆ 3rd ☆ CHACOTT for PROFESSIONALS Beauty Veil Powder ¥2,625/10g

BB Cream

☆ 1stL’OREAL PARIS REVITALIFT UV Block BB ¥1,995/60g

☆ 2ndSEKKISEI WHITE BB Cream ¥2,730/30g

☆ 3rdDIOR Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal BB Creme ¥6,615/40ml


Eye Shadow

☆ 1stJill Stuart Velvet Crystal Eyes ¥5,250

☆ 2ndLUNASOL Vivid Clear Eyes ¥5,250

☆ 3rdVISEE Glam Nature Eyes 1,470/2g


☆ 1stK-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP ¥1,260

☆ 2nd ☆ Dejavu Lasting-fine RN Brush Liquid ¥1,260

☆ 3rdKATE Slim Gel Pencil ¥1,260


☆ 1stDIOR Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara ¥4,305/10ml

☆ 2ndMAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Expander Edge Meister (Limited Edition) ¥1,260/6g

☆ 3rdGuerlain Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash Mascara ¥4,200/US$30/£22/8.5ml


☆ 1stCOFFRET D’OR Rouge Essence ¥2,625/3.9g

☆ 2nd ☆ SOFINA AUBE Couture Essence Premium Rouge ¥3,360

☆ 3rdCANMAKE Stay-On Balm Rouge ¥609


☆ 1stDIOR Dior Addict Gloss ¥3,465/US$29.50/3.5g

☆ 2ndLavshuca Flower Syrup Gloss ¥577/8g

☆ 3rdShu Uemura Gloss Unlimited ¥2,730/US$25/4.8g


☆ 1stJill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N ¥4,725

☆ 2ndJill Stuart Layer Blush Compact ¥4,725

☆ 3rdPaul & Joe Cheek Colour ¥3,150


Shampoo & Conditioner

☆ 1stDove Deep Penetrating Moisture Care Shampoo & Conditioner ¥800/500ml

☆  2ndLeggie Scalp Shampoo ¥987/300ml

☆ 3rdLeggie Scalp & Hair Pack ¥987/300ml

Hair Care & Styling

☆ 1stCHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Parfum Cheveux Hair Mist US$50/35ml

☆  2ndIchikami Hair Treatment Oil ¥980/40ml

☆ 3rdUtena Yuzu-Yu Hair Oil ¥1,050/60ml

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helo! im interested in the aquamoist but im wondering whether there’s a version without alcohol like the hada lotion has with the regular and light up? also i am trying to use the ratuken site for the first time..what does ‘Do you after arriving at it the Bill?’


I haven’t been able to find the Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ anywhere on Rakuten, do you know of any stores on there that might have it? I wasn’t able to look through every page of course so maybe it is there, but believe me, I sure did try. I was hoping you would know because my eyes have been killing me.


Lush has discontinued Let the Good Times Roll, it’s such a shame 🙁


I would love ingredients of Suisai Perfect Day Emulsion 🙂


Thanks for the post! It’s super helpful. Now, I must find the VISEE eyeshadow in Canada…

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