@cosme The Best Cosmetics Awards 2019 Mid-Year

Here’s the @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products ranking in English all in one page.

According to @cosme, this award is calculated basing on the average of the number of reviews each product has collected and its overall points received (out of 7 points). Only new products released from November 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 are eligible.

See the @Cosme official English page for full details.


Makeup Remover

☆ 1st ☆ LuluLun Cleansing Balm

☆ 2nd ☆ SANA NAMERAKAHONPO Cleansing Milk

☆ 3rd ☆ Shu Uemura re:set Tint Remover & Lip Conditioner

Face Wash

☆ 1st ☆ LUNASOL Smoothing Gel Wash

☆ 2nd ☆ naive BOTANICAL Olive Creamy Face Wash

Lotion (a.k.a. Toner)

☆ 1st ☆ Attenir DressLift Lotion

☆ 2nd ☆ DEW Brightening Lotion Moist

☆ 3rd ☆ ONE BY KOSE Balancing Tuner

Beauty Serum

☆ 1st ☆ Obagi C25 Serum NEO

☆ 2nd ☆ Dior CAPTURE YOUTH Intense Rescue Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil-Serum

☆ 3rd ☆ COVERMARK Moisture Charge Serum

Moisturiser Milk

☆ 1st ☆ IGNIS Premium Nature Milk

☆ 2nd ☆ ALBION EXAGE WHITE White Rise Milk II

☆ 3rd ☆ Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Power Soft Emulsion

Face Cream

☆ 1st CHANEL Le Blanc Crème Healthy Light Creator

☆ 2nd ☆ Freeplus Watery Cream


☆ 1st ☆ Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence

☆ 2nd ☆ Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk

☆ 3rd ☆ NIVEA Sun Zero Feeling UV Lotion

Face Mask

☆ 1st ☆ QUALITY 1st ALL IN ONE SHEET MASK Grand Moisture

☆ 2nd ☆ Keana Nadeshiko Rice Pack

☆ 3rd ☆ QUALITY 1st ALL IN ONE SHEET MASK Grand White

Face Mist

☆ 1st ☆ MAJOLICA MAJORCA Moisture Cocktail Fixer


Makeup Base

☆ 1st ☆ LANCÔME UV Expert Tone Up Milk Rosy Bloom

☆ 2nd ☆ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Skin Sensor Base EX

☆ 3rd ☆ COFFRET D’OR Color Skin Primer UV

Powder Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ ESPRIQUE Synchro Fit Pact UV

☆ 2nd ☆ IPSA Powder Foundation N

☆ 3rd ☆ LUNASOL Glowing Veil Finish

Liquid Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ Shu Uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation

☆ 2nd ☆ Excel Skin Tint Serum

☆ 3rd ☆ GUERLAIN L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation

Cream Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ HAKU Melanofocus F

☆ 2nd ☆ KATE Rare Paint Foundation

☆ 3rd ☆ Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Teint Poudre Crème Éclat

Cushion Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ CHANEL Le Blanc Cushion Brightening Gentle Touch Foundation

☆ 2nd ☆ Dior Diorsnow Perfect Light Perfect Glow Cushion

BB Cream

☆ 1st ☆ LANCÔME UV Expert Youth Sheild BB Complete n (2019 formula)

☆ 2nd ☆ CARTÉ CLINITY Skin Protect BB

☆ 3rdDior Prestige Light-In White Mineral Blemish Balm UV Base


☆ 1st ☆ COSME DECORTÉ Face Powder

☆ 2nd ☆ CEZANNE UV Silk Cover Powder

☆ 3rd ☆ SUQQU Retouch Pressed Powder


Eye Shadow

☆ 1st ☆ CEZANNE Single Color Eye Shadow

☆ 2nd ☆ Visée Riche My Nudy Eyes

☆ 3rdLUNASOL Geminate Eyes N


☆ 1st ☆ IPSA Creative Eyebrow Elements

☆ 2nd ☆ MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Brow Ink Liquid Pen


☆ 1st ☆ UZU BY FLOWFUSHI UZU Eye Opening Eyeliner

☆ 2nd ☆ SUQQU Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner

☆ 3rdWHOMEE Kira Multi Liner


☆ 1st ☆ MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Expander Liquid Extensions EX

☆ 2nd ☆ FASIO Powerful Film Mascara (Long)

☆ 3rd ☆ FASIO Powerful Film Mascara (Volume)


☆ 1st ☆ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Rouge EX

☆ 2nd ☆ CHANEL Rouge Coco Flash

☆ 3rd ☆ Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max


☆ 1st ☆ Visée Riche Lip & Cheek Cream N

☆ 2nd ☆ SUQQU Shimmer Liquid Blush

☆ 3rd ☆ JILL STUART Blend Blush Blossom


☆ 1st ☆ Dear Beaute HIMAWARI Oil In Shampoo / Conditioner (Gloss & Repair)

☆ 2nd ☆ Oshima Tsubaki Hair Color Treatment (2018 formula)

☆ 3rd ☆ Stephen Knoll Moisture & Control Shampoo / Conditioner

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2 years ago

The renewal for the nameraka honpo cleansing milk doing so well surprises me, because I remember the previous version having a pretty bad rating on cosme before (and being a much smaller bottle)…might pick up the renewal version to see if it’s any good. Thanks for the post!

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