@cosme The Best Cosmetics Awards 2018

Here’s the @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018 ranking in English all in one page.

According to @cosme, this award is calculated basing on the average of the number of reviews each product has collected and its overall points received (out of 7 points). Only new products released from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018 are eligible.

See the @Cosme official English page for full details.


Makeup Remover

☆ 1st ☆ FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

☆ 2nd ☆ Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

☆ 3rd ☆ ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleanse Oil (Aroma Type)

Face Wash

☆ 1st ☆ Biore Ouchi de Esthe Massage Facial Gel (Smooth)

☆ 2nd ☆ Obagi ObagiC Wash Powder

☆ 3rd ☆ NIVEA Creme Care Facial Foam (Moist)

Lotion (a.k.a. Toner)

☆ 1st ☆ Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

☆ 2nd MUJI Light Toning Water High Moisture

☆ 3rd ☆ ACSEINE Moistbalance Lotion

Beauty Serum

☆ 1st ☆ Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence

☆ 2nd ONE BY KOSÉ MELANOSHOT WHITE Brightening Serum

☆ 3rd ☆ HAKU Melanofocus V

Moisturiser Milk

☆ 1st ☆ ALBION Infinesse Derma Pump Milk

☆ 2nd ☆ SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Airy Milky Lotion

☆ 3rd ☆ ALBION EXAGE WHITE Pure White Milk II

Face Cream / All-In-One

☆ 1st ☆ Naturie Hatumugi Skin Conditioning Gel

☆ 2nd ☆ Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè

      ☆ 3rd ☆ NIVEA Soft Skin Care Cream

Oil / Balm

☆ 1st ☆ Bio-Oil

☆ 2nd ☆ Kneipp KneippBio Oil Balm

☆ 3rd IHADA Medicated Balm


☆ 1st ☆ SKIN AQUA Tone Up UV Essence

☆ 2nd ☆ ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk

☆ 3rd ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk

Sheet Mask

☆ 1st ☆ Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

☆ 2nd ☆ LuLuLun Face Mask Precious Red

☆ 3rd ☆ Saborino Wake Up Sheet Morning Mask

Lip Care

☆ 1st ☆ FLOWFUSHI 38°C Lip Treatment

☆ 2nd ☆ NIVEA Rich Care & Color Lip

☆ 3rd ☆ Curél Moisture Lip Care Cream


Makeup Base

☆ 1st ☆ CEZANNE Make Keep Base SPF28 PA++

☆ 2nd ☆ Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer S

☆ 3rd ☆ CEZANNE UV Ultra Fit Base N SPF36 PA++

Powder Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Powdery UV

☆ 2nd ☆ INTEGRATE Pro Finish Foundation

☆ 3rd ☆ CHANEL LE BLANC Whitening Compact Foundation

Liquid Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ LANCÔME Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation SPF38 PA+++ (Asia-Exclusive Formula)

☆ 2nd ☆ KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid SPF18 PA++

☆ 3rd ☆ RMK Liquid Foundation SPF14 PA++

Cream & Gel Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ INTEGRATE Crush Jelly Foundation

☆ 2nd ☆ Clé de Peau Beauté The Foundation

☆ 3rd ☆ RMK Gel Creamy Foundation

Cushion Foundation

☆ 1st ☆ MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion BB

☆ 2nd ☆ Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture SPF50+ PA+++

☆ 3rd ☆ LANCÔME Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage SPF50+ PA+++

BB Cream

☆ 1st ☆ LANCÔME UV Expert Youth Shield BB Complete 1 SPF50 PA++++

☆ 2nd ☆ La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL BB Multi-Protective Shield SPF50+ PA++++ (Asia-Exclusive Formula)

☆ 3rd ☆ SANA Pore Putty Mineral BB Cream Natural Mat

CC Cream


☆ 2nd ☆ TRANSINO Whitening CC Cream

☆ 3rd ☆ CHANEL CC Cream Super Active Complete Correction


☆ 1st ☆ the SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

☆ 2nd ☆ NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

☆ 3rd ☆ EXCEL Silent Cover Concealer


☆ 1st ☆ Elégance La Poudre Haute Nuance

☆ 2nd ☆ CEZANNE UV Clear Face Powder

☆ 3rd ☆ CHACOTT FOR PROFESSIONALS Finishing Powder


Eye Shadow

☆ 1st ☆ EXCEL Skinny Rich Eye Shadow

☆ 2nd ☆ ADDICTION The Eyeshadow

☆ 3rd SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Palette


☆ 1st ☆ KATE Designing Eyebrow 3D

☆ 2nd ☆ CEZANNE Super Slim Eyebrow

☆ 3rdCEZANNE Nose & Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow Mascara

☆ 1st ☆ INTEGRATE Nuance Eyebrow Mascara

☆ 2ndKATE 3D Eyebrow Color

☆ 3rdVisée Coloring Eyebrow Mascara


☆ 1st ☆ FLOWFUSHI Mote Liner Liquid

☆ 2nd ☆ dejavu Lasting-Fine a Cream Pencil Eyeliner

☆ 3rd ☆ KATE Double Line Expert


☆ 1st ☆ OPERA Mylash Advanced

☆ 2nd ☆ Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super WP

☆ 3rd ☆ dejavu Fiberwig ULTRA Long F


☆ 1st ☆ CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine

☆ 2nd ☆ L’ORÉAL PARIS Color Riche Shine On

☆ 3rd ☆ Revlon Balm Stain


☆ 1st ☆ OPERA Sheer Lip Color N

☆ 2nd ☆ Clé De Peau Beauté Radiant Lip Gloss

☆ 3rd ☆ EXCEL Lip Care Oil


☆ 1st ☆ CEZANNE Natural Cheek N

☆ 2nd ☆ CANMAKE Powder Cheeks

☆ 3rd ☆ Clinique Cheek Pop


Shampoo / Conditioner

☆ 1st ☆ PANTENE Micellar Pure & Cleanse Shampoo / Treatment (Japan-Exclusive Formula)

☆ 2nd ☆ TSUBAKI Premium Repair Mask

☆ 3rd ☆ Dear Beauté HIMAWARI Oil In Shampoo / Conditioner (Rich & Repair)


☆ 1st ☆ napla N. Polish Oil

☆ 2nd ☆ The Product Hair Wax

☆ 3rd ☆ napla N. Natural Balm

Hair Colour

☆ 1st ☆ WELLA Wellaton 2+1 Cream Type

☆ 2nd ☆ Annadonna Every Color Treatment

☆ 3rd ☆ Beauteen Make Up Color

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2 years ago

I haven’t looked into these rankings until now so I assumed it was only stuff from the current year, will try to check it out more. Anyway, big change in my skin hydration since I swapped that large sake emulsion with the Nameraka Honpo emulsion, I know it says “light-weight” on the former but I just didn’t really understand until trying the Honpo. Also the Cezanne lotion seems like the best one I tried so far, I use it less since it’s more moisturizing + I find it easier to apply the emulsion afterwards which means I can use the… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  G. Haruka

I see, thanks for explaining. I was a bit keen on having both BHA and AHA in the same product because of this articles – https://www.ratzillacosme.com/skin/best-neostrata-toning-solution-level-2/ – were it sounded like I’m getting different benefits from each ingredient, but now that I’ve looked again I see BHA is more for acne and sun damaged skin which isn’t my problem so I’m happy with AHA exclusive. Also, I was reading this article a few weeks ago – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/11/style/whats-the-best-soap.html – as I am one of those who heavily bought into the idea of soap bars being harsh products but have since found… Read more »

3 years ago

Thank you for posting the rankings, I rly look forward to these posts from you every year. I know I can find them on cosme.net, but it’s in Japanese (which I can’t read), and when I try to use google translate to translate what the brand names of the products are, they are usually gibberish and prob not what the brand names are actually called.

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