Worst Pick: Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara N

Somehow, eye makeup seemed completely irrelevant to my blog so I’ve never made a post about it. Since I’m doing my best and worst picks, I thought I would talk about it now.

I’ll admit that I have it easy when it comes to lashes compared to others of my background (East Asian) since mine are said by some to be atypical. My dark lashes are naturally curled up and long with decent volume. I have a lash curler which I seldom use since it doesn’t really make much difference. What I look for in a mascara is something that is completely smudge-proof even in hot and humid environment, no flaking, no clumping, and will add a little bit of volume. Lengthening is an added bonus (but I don’t specifically look for such feature) and I don’t care either way for curl-holding formulas.

Anyway, back to why I really don’t like this mascara.

Did it add volume? Sure, if  you count clumping my lashes together into a super thick lash. Was it smudge-proof? Hardly considering this is a Japanese mascara. I’ve used US drugstore mascaras more smudge-proof than this. It started to smudge about 4 hours in. These aren’t the reasons why I dislike this mascara so much though. My major beef is that this actually straightens out my naturally curled lashes!!! It turned my naturally long, curled lashes into a straight stubby mess. Talk about WTF.

Like most gals, I have tried my fair share of mascaras. Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara N goes down in my book as the worst I’ve ever tried.

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7 years ago

whats your favorite mascara

4 years ago
Reply to  Ratzilla

Any updates on favs in two years? I hear great things about the Heroine line (not that I’m second guessing you); I’m white but have the same problem Asian chicks do: straight, short, sparse lashes. My best find has actually been the Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect, but I’m totally looking for an upgrade. Thanks!

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