Product Discovery Friday: JILL STUART Blotting Paper N

Product Discovery Friday JILL STUART Blotting Paper N

This week’s Product Discovery Friday review is all about Jill Stuart’s Blotting Paper N. You may have already guessed from the post title, which says “JILL STUART Blotting Paper N”.

I received this recently along with a number of samples.

Ooooh. Pretty! Blotting paper in a case with a proper mirror. This makes a change from usual flimpsy case you get with blotting papers, even for expensive highend brands!

The soft case feel well-made; unexpectedly large and thick for a thin pack of refills. Inside has sleek black interior with contrast stitching. Mirror is generously sized. Am I boring you to death yet? It dispenses paper one sheet at a time, like a tissue case. No worries of accidentally taking more than you need.

[Pull out a sheet.]

Jill Stuart’s logo is printed all over the paper. It is much thinner than typical paper-type blotters (as supposed to the film-type variety) and it feels slightly rougher than the norm. It’s also the type with oil-absorbing powder. I generally prefer ones without powder but let’s see…


I don’t have oily skin so I’m just using this on areas which tend to shine in warmer weather. It does its job without leaving a chalky finish behind. If you have dry skin, best to give this a pass — why would you need oil-blotting sheets anyway?

The case is so practical as it can replace a mirror but it seems it would get dirty quickly due to the its light colour and material. Only time will tell, so till then, I’m keeping this in my bag.

70 sheets retails for 1890 Japanese Yen (Refills cost 525 JPY a pack) at Jill Stuart in department stores across Japan.

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