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ICHIKAMI Premium Wrapping Hair Treatment Mask

ICHIKAMI Premium Wrapping Hair Treatment Mask

Release Date
Kracie Holdings Ltd
Product Type
Hair Mask / Treatment

ICHIKAMI Premium Wrapping Mask (also known as “ICHIKAMI Premium Hair Treatment Mask”) is a repairing Japanese hair mask.

The thick, rich hair mask uses Ichikami’s newly developed “Wrapping System” technology that wraps each strand to penetrate into the hair and continues working even after it has been washed off. 5 premium Japanese botanical oils (rice bran, safflower, sesame seed, camellia kissi seed, and walnut) deeply nourish and protect wet hair cuticle against friction damage.

The mask mends and protects individual strands while restoring moisture and manageability. It transforms dry, damaged hair to silky smooth, shiny, and vibrant.




Use after shampooing and conditioning. Apply about a muscat grape size (9g) for semi-long hair on towel-dried hair concentrating on damaged sections. Rinse thoroughly. There is no need to wait since it penetrates hair immediately. Use once or twice a week for best results.


Water,, cetearyl alcohol,, dimethicone,, dipropylene glycol,, diethyl sebacate,, behenyl PG-trimonium chloride,, behentrimonium chloride,, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil,, carthamus tinctorius ( safflower) seed oil,, perilla frutescens seed oil,, camellia oleifera seed oil,, juglans regia (walnut) seed oil,, phenyl trimethicone,, amodimethicone,, alcohol,, do.not.copy,, behenyl alcohol,, paraffin,, C12-14 pareth-7,, bis-isobutyl PEG-14/amodimethicone copolymer,, C12-14 pareth-5,, glutamic acid,, citric acid,, PEG-160M,, lactic acid,, polyquaternium-107,, tocopherol,, steartrimonium chloride,, phenoxyethanol,, sodium salicylate,, methylparaben,, fragrance,, caramel.


いち髪 プレミアム ラッピングマスク」の全成分:水、セテアリルアルコール、ジメチコン、DPG、セバシン酸ジエチル、ベヘニルPGトリモニウムクロリド、ベヘントリモニウムクロリド、コメヌカ油、サフラワー油、エゴマ油、ユチャ種子油、クルミ種子油、フェニルトリメチコン、アモジメチコン、エタノール、ベヘニルアルコール、パラフィン、(C12-14)パレス-7、(ビスイソブチルPEG-14/アモジメチコン)コポリマー、(C12-14)パレス-5、グルタミン酸、クエン酸、PEG-160M、乳酸、ポリクオタニウム-107、トコフェロール、ステアルトリモニウムクロリド、フェノキシエタノール、サリチル酸Na、メチルパラベン、香料、カラメル

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11 Comments on ICHIKAMI Premium Wrapping Hair Treatment Mask

  1. Hi! Just I wonder have you ever considered making a post about your hair care routine? It would be very interesting to know ☺️

        • Thank you for the reply 😀 just another question, I’m not sure about your lifestyle but considering the current stay at home situation, do you wash your hair everyday even if you don’t go outside? I’d like to know your opinion if possible 🙂

          • Yes because I just consider it basic hygiene just like washing my face and my body. I don’t skip washing myself because I haven’t been outside. Daily hair washing is the norm in Japan and it’s what recommended by hairstylists here as well. Besides, washing hair is really more about the scalp than the strands.

            • Oh I’m glad to read that, I was confused somehow it was damaging but I feel better now. Many thanks!

            • Think of it this way, would you only wash your skin (face and/or body) only once or twice a week if certain cleansers cause dryness or irritation? No, right? You’d still cleanse everyday but using better-suited products.

              The same goes with the scalp. Keeping it clean is vital for growing and keeping healthy hair. Just rinsing with lukewarm water will not remove excess sebum and styling product. The solution to various hair problems involving shampooing is to use better-suited products and good shampooing technique.

            • Yeah I wouldn’t do that personally yeah I agree and it’s totally true finding a good product for your own needs is key, would you mind explaining a bit more about the shampooing technique? You still use the scalp brush everyday?

            • 1. Brush hair before shampooing to remove dust, dirt, and shredded hair strands. It also prevents hair from tangling when you shampoo.
              2. Rinse hair very thoroughly with warm water before shampooing while using fingers to massage the scalp (at least 2 minutes). It help loosens and removes dirt and styling products.
              3. Use lukewarm water only. Hot water leads to dryness and colour-fading.
              4. Work shampoo into a foamy lather in your palm first (just like you would with a facial cleansing foam).
              5. Use enough shampoo (long hair needs about 2 pumps).
              6. Wash your scalp not your hair. The foamy lather running through the hair is enough to clean the strands.
              6. Rinse very thoroughly. It should be twice as long as shampooing. Make sure water from the shower head can actually directly reach the scalp (i.e. not blocked by wet hair). A lot of common scalp and hair issues are due to shampoo residue in the hair.

            • Wow I didn’t know the whole process, thank you very much for writing the details! I appreciate it a lot !

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