Best Pick: SUCCESS Scalp Washing Brush


This was 500 JPY well spent; the Success Scalp Washing Brush (also called Success Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush) is perhaps the most instantly gratifying beauty tool I have bought in a long while. A stiff TPE (rubber) bristle brush with different textured nodules that you massage over your scalp as you wash your hair, it requires no extra effort yet has the satisfying effect of deep cleansing scalp treatment. When you think about how little attention you usually pay to your scalp even though that’s where healthy hair starts…. well. If you have thinning hair, scalp problems, or head of hair you want to keep in good condition then this is one tool I can highly recommend.

Best Pick- SUCCESS Scalp Washing Brush closeup

I’ve tried a number of scalp massaging brushes now, and I found none to feel quite as stimulating and invigorating as this one that is made for men. The key here, I feel, is the textured bristle tips— the three-pronged tips sweep away build-up while the large rounded tips and mini nodules really stimulate blood flow. The brush also has a slightly domed shape that fits the curve of your scalp so that those super bristles can reach better and closer to your scalp. There’s no rough edges or seams that would snag or pull out hair.

Best Pick SUCCESS Scalp Washing Brush back

The brush is lightweight, but with a very sturdy (Japan-made) construction. I’ve accidentally dropped it on marble floor from 167cm in the air more times than I’d care to count, but it still looks brand new. Pretty impressive considering the handles of my generic scalp brushes from the 100-yen shops all cracked or broke on contact when dropped! There’s also no holes, crevices, or loose parts that can trap moisture and eventually leading to mould and mildew either. (Just always store it with the bristle-side up to encourage air flow.)

I use and prefer the normal type brush, but a soft type is also available (comes in light blue) if you prefer softer, flexible bristles. It’s ¥631 (approx. US$5.84) on Rakuten Global Market — Normal / Soft. It’s also available on for US$8.49+ HERE or US$12.90 HERE on

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