Best Pick: Goody Simple Styles SPIN PIN

This is probably the oddest entry in my blog since it is not only not a Japanese product, but it is also a hair styling tool. I first read about this double helix-shaped hair pin a few months ago on Makeupalley and I thought it was one of the most silly and gimmicky hair tools I’ve seen since Pumpits. You screw it clockwise direction into your hair and it does the job of 20 bobby pins… it sounded like those infomercials and I was a total skeptic.

I can’t style my hair to save my life. Everything seems to slip out of my hair in minutes no matter what I do or use. Bobby pins, giant U-pins, claw clips, you name it, I’ve used them all. My hair looks good without any styling but Ive always been envious of ladies who can put their hair up in seconds (or seemed like it) into a casual bun or a simple updo without a mirror and it looks great. Me? my arms would be sore and I still can’t put my hair up into a semi-decent looking anything — mirror or no mirror.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I saw a new display of it tucked away in the back of my local drugstore.  I’ve read nothing but raves about it and curiosity got the best of me so after a quick tap of my card, I was a proud owner of a set of the infamous Spin Pin.

All the raves I’ve read about it was true! For the first time in my life, I was like those gals I’ve always envied.  It was super easy and quick to use. Unlike all the pins and clips I’ve tried, this doesn’t get tangle in my hair. To say that it’s secure is a gross understatement. It’s physically impossible for you to just pull it out of your hair (not without seriously damaging your hair anyway), let alone it slipping out on its own. You basically screw it in clockwise till it’s completely in your hair and to remove,  turn it anti-clockwise till it comes out. That’s it. Easy on, easy off. There’re various tutorials on it out there but there is really no need. It’s as goof-proof as it can be — even I can use it in seconds without reading or watching tutorials —  and as far as styling goes, think of using one being equal to using a whole box of bobby pins and half a can of hair spray.

Everyone with long hair should own a set!

Afterthought: if you have thin hair, it might not work since you need to have enough hair for the Spin Pin to screw on to.

This review is part of the “My Best & Worst Picks” ongoing series.

»$6.49 USD from HERE

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