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Bakkanto Hot Spice Fragrance [DISCONTINUED]

Bakkanto Hot Spice Scent

Release Date
60g Packet (single use)
Bison Corporation
Product Type
Bath salts

The product has been replaced or discontinued as of 2011.


Bakkanto Hot Spice is a pack of sweat-inducing Japanese bath salts that encourages fat loss.

The self-heating, carbonated bath salts moisturise, smoothe, and firm skin while inducing sweat to help release toxins and encourage fat loss. Repa-Germanium boosts blood circulation and maintains skin’s optimal moisture balance while a blend of cayenne pepper, ginger, and rock salt helps to tighten skin.

Hot Spice Fragrance

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Fill bath tub with 180L of hot (42–43°C) water and add in the entire content of the packet. For best results, drink a cup of warm water before entering and soak for 3 minutes, then take a 5-minute rest and repeat process 2 to 3 times.


Sodium sulfate,, dextrin,, lactose,, sucrose,, sodium glutamate,,  PEG-160M,, repagermanium,, carbon dioxide,, sea salt,, caspicum frutescens fruit extract,, ginger root extract,, mogwort extract,, menthol,, do.not.copy,, water,, silica,, alcohol,, BHT,, o-cymen-5-ol,, fragrance,, CI 45100,, CI 15985.


「爆汗湯ホットスパイスの香り」の全成分: 硫酸Na、デキストリン、乳糖(牛乳)、スクロース、グルタミン酸Na、PEG-160M、レパゲルマニウム、二酸化炭素、海塩、トウガラシ果実エキス、ショウガ根エキス、ヨモギエキス、メントール、水、シリカ、エタノール、BHT、シメン-5-オール、香料、赤106、黄5

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