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Bakkanto Hot Ginger Fragrance

Bakkanto Hot Ginger Scent

Release Date
60g Packet (single use)
Bison Corporation
Product Type
Bath salts

Bakkanto Hot Ginger is a pack of sweat-inducing Japanese bath salts that encourages fat loss.

The self-heating, carbonated bath salts moisturise, smoothe, and firm skin while inducing sweat to help release toxins and encourage fat loss. It feature enzymes to help breakdown fat and dead skin cells. Repa-Germanium boosts blood circulation and maintains skin’s optimal moisture balance while a blend of cayenne pepper, ginger, and rock salt helps to tighten skin.

Hot Ginger Fragrance


Fill bath tub with 180L of hot (42–43°C) water and add in the entire content of the packet. For best results, drink a cup of warm water before entering and soak for 3 minutes, then take a 5-minute rest and repeat process 2 to 3 times.


Sodium sulfate,, dextrin,, lactose (cow’s milk-derived),, sucrose,, sodium glutamate,, PEG-160M,, repagermanium,, lipase,, carbon dioxide,, do.not.copy,, sea salt,, caspicum frutescens fruit extract,, ginger root extract,, paullinia cupana seed extract,, water,, silica,, alcohol,, BHT,, o-cymen-5-ol,, fragrance,, propylene glycol,, CI 45100,, CI 19140.


爆汗湯 ホットジンジャーの香り」の全成分: 硫酸Na、デキストリン、乳糖(牛乳)、スクロース、グルタミン酸Na、PEG-160M、レパゲルマニウム、リパーゼ、二酸化炭素、海塩、トウガラシ果実エキス、ショウガ根エキス、ガラナ種子エキス、水、シリカ、エタノール、BHT、シメン-5-オール、香料、PG、赤106、黄4

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4 Comments on Bakkanto Hot Ginger Fragrance

  1. Do you notice a difference in the effect Paula’s Choice C15 has on your skin compared to Melano CC essence?

    • It’s hard for me to compare since they’re very different even though they both feature vitamin C. Melano CC is a targeted spot treatment for acne and acne marks, not a regular vitamin C serum that you apply all over for brightening and antioxidative purposes. You could — many people do — but I never did, whereas I apply Paula’s Choice C15 liberally all over.

  2. Interesting you like Azclear! We can get Finacea (15% AzA) in Aus OTC too and I find it’s much more pleasant to use. Azclear honestly feels like PVA glue! It’s good it works well with and in your routine though

    • It certainly looks a lot like glue out of the tube! But it absorbs immediately into my skin, leaving no sticky, greasy, or filmy residue behind. That being said, I use less than half a pea-sized amount. I’ve also tried it in the daytime and everything layers perfectly fine over it. I actually briefly tried a sample tube of Finacea, but I was put off by the cream formula.

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