• Where to Buy?

    All the Japanese products listed in RatzillaCosme are not distributed outside of East Asia. If you live outside of these countries, you will have to buy online. Many major brands are widely distributed in Hong Kong and Taiwan with some being available to Malaysia and Singapore but most remain Japan-exclusive.

    Some important things to note:

    • 99.9% of Japanese cosmetics made for domestic market do not have production date nor expiry date. They are unnecessary in Japan since products are repackaged (and reformulated) on a near annual basis. If you see e-tailers listing them, they’re most likely lying!
    • To ensure freshness and authenticity, buy directly from Japan.
    • I only use official product names but be aware that many stockists (especially ones based in Hong Kong) do not follow official information so names can greatly vary.
    • Many major Japanese cosmetics brands that export to nearby countries do reformulation but keep the same packaging and name. They may appear identical but ingredients actually slightly differ.*

    I strongly advise doing some research first before buying online! Otherwise, you might not get what you’re expecting… or worse, you might not even know it if you get an expired or the wrong product.

    *Please read this post on how to differentiate Japanese & Chinese versions of Japanese Cosmetics.


    Note of warning: RatzillaCosme provides information on Japanese cosmetics that are Japan-made for the domestic (Japanese) market only. Buyers beware!

    Alpha Beauty Store (ebay store) – Hong Kong-Based – Shipping not included.
    Adambeauty – Hong Kong-Based – Free international shipping but there is a mandatory $2 USD registered postage fee for each order.
    Asian Fashion City – Australia-Based – Shipping not included.
    Bring Bling JP – Japan-Based - Shipping not included *Will do custom order*
    BoBoDave – Hong Kong-Based - Shipping not included and it is charged separately. Some items have free shipping.
    CT Taiwan (ebay store) – Taiwan-Based – Free international shipping.
    Evecare – US-Based – Shipping not included. Free US ground shipping over $49.99 USD.
    Good Dealer – Hong Kong-Based – Shipping not included and charged according to weight.
    Hong Kong Beauty Store (ebay store) – Hong Hong-Based – Free shipping on some items.
    Hong Kong Wai Beauty (ebay store) – Hong Kong-Based
    Ichibankao – Japan-Based – Free  international shipping via regular airmail.
    Japan Beauty – Japan-Based – Free international shipping via regular airmail.
    Japan Variety Shop (ebay store) – Based in Japan.
    Japanese Products Lover (ebay store) – US-Based.
    Lunatu – UK-Based – Free international shipping via regular airmail.
    Makeup Celebrity – Japan-Based - Free international shipping via regular airmail.
    Pretty & Cute – US-Based – Shipping not included.
    Tokyo Wink – Hong Kong-Based - Shipping not included.


    With so many online retailers available, there’re tons of better alternatives than these online shops listed.

    jbeautyme Store - Reason(s): Untrustworthy due to blatant plagiarism.
    iMomoko – Reason(s): Untrustworthy due to blatant plagiarism.
    Mihoko Shop - Reason(s): According to madeupstories on MakepAlley (Blog: Drivel About Frivol), site sold fake product yet blamed on “postal worker tampering” and refused to rectify.
    NATTA Cosme – Reason(s): Untrustworthy due to blatant plagiarism.


    They generally have much larger selection and far better prices (no mark-ups) but placing an order can be complicated if you do not know the language.

    Rakuten — in Japanese (with minimal English). *EMS/Airmail/SAL available depending on the store*
    JpMon.com — in Chinese (Taiwanese) only.
    Gmarket  — in Korean (with miminal English). *EMS shipping only*
    PC Home — in Chinese (Taiwanese) only. *EMS shipping only. Flat rate US$10 up to 3kg.*

    Where can I get (insert product name) in (insert city/town name)? I don’t want to/cannot buy online.

    Unfortunately, I cannot really help you since I don’t know your city/town. Perhaps check your local Japanese/Asian supermarkets or beauty boutiques? Their products will not be fresh though.

    Which stockist carries (insert product name)? Which one has the best price?

    Short of clicking on each site and doing a search, I don’t know. I include Japan retail price for all products mentioned so that can be used for referencing.

    Again, I cannot stress this enough, DO YOUR RESEARCH WEL!

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    • Francy

      Hello! Thanks for all the info! I LOVE ratzilla, it helped me to make a list (lol really long) of cosmetics to buy on my last trip to Japan! <3

      …But now that my products are slowly finishing I'm wondering if there is any retailer in Europe, since the Italian custom always makes big fuss when it cames to cosmetics/creams/makeups in general… and block every pack from asia/US with cosmetics :( sigh

      please help, I didn't find anything by now :(

    • Manli

      Thank you so much for giving us these super valuable information. Being here to browsing your website is almost the thing that I must to do on daily basis, and I absolutely have learned a lot from here. There is one thing though, have you ever experienced internet shopping from France, except from ebay? I mean, is there any website in France just like Rakuten in Japan that you know about? Thanks a lot!

    • foxiedixie

      Thank you so much for the information with enormous amount of details! I have a question regarding a Taiwan-based e-seller : https://mall.bgo.com.tw/new-site. Is this a trustworthy site according to your research and experience?

      • http://www.ratzillacosme.com/ Ratzilla

        I’ve never heard of them so I’m not sure. It seems like they ship outside of Taiwan via EMS only.

        • foxiedixie

          Oh I see. Many thanks!

    • SugarBang

      So informative. Ratzilla is a WEALTH of knowledge!!!

    • http://easttowestskincare.wordpress.com easttowestskincare

      My favorite is Ichibankao. Expensive, but fast and honest. Ichibankao also usually accepts orders of products that aren’t on their site.

      • http://www.ratzillacosme.com ratzilla

        That’s good to know. Judging from their (very marked up) price — some are 3 times the retail price, it seems like they buy at retail to resell.

    • Judith

      Are you sure what you say about Sasa? Everyone I know is completely happy with the products and service? Thank you.

      • http://www.ratzillacosme.com ratzilla

        The majority of the Japanese drugstores products on Sasa’s online store are quite old or the China-made version, judging by their product pics. Their actual retail stores in Hong Kong are better… but even then, a lot of of old stocks can be found. (Japanese cosemetics repackage/reformulate very frequently, many on a near annual basis, so you can easily tell how old a product is.)

    • alpha

      there is a really good site I found recently called blushmeup.com.au
      They serve Australia mainly, but I am very satisfied with their services, I receive the skincare and cosmetics on the next day!

      • Jennifer

        Thanks, just bought something from them. Surprisingly good, I receive all 5 items in the next day, and prices are competitive. Thanks :)

    • Tina

      Omg, thanks so much! I have been searching for a place to shop online that sold authentic japanese beauty products! You have saved me a bunch of time by providing this list, thanks again!

    • Heatehr

      Too true on the product production/expiration date thing. I order from Akinaistore.com. (I mostly order cosmetics, and sometime collagen powders). They are based out of Japan but all their English support seems pretty good. Cheers, thanks for the links!