• CoenRich Q10 White Body Milky Gel UV

    CoenRich Q10 White Body Milky Gel UV

    Release Date: n/a
    Packaging: 130ml Bottle
    Brand: CoenRich Q10 White
    Producer: Kosé Cosmeport
    Product Type: Sunscreen
    Price: ¥786


    UV Filter(s): Octinoxate, Ensulizole, Uvinul A Plus & Tinosorb M.

    日本語 (Japanese)

    US$50+ from eBay: HERE

    • Tran Nguyen

      hi there! Glad that you have this product introduced to me. Hope I can start to try it soon. just wondering if you ever heard of Kanebo Sala Whitening Body Milk also? Does these guys works on skin that has been out under the sun or all the Uv light for too long? That’s my and my husband #1 problem right now. It started to get some kind of dark spots on our arms also. Skin on the face has been taken care of really well. And now the body.

      • http://www.ratzillacosme.com/ Ratzilla

        Skin on the body should be treated the same way as the face. Neither product will do much to rid dark spots.