• JUREA Perfect Liquid Jelly

    JUREA Perfect Liquid Jelly

    Launch Date: 2012.2.27
    Packaging: 150g Tube
    Brand: JUREA
    Producer: PDC Inc.
    Product Type: Cleansing gel / Cleansing liquid
    Price: ¥1,100

    DescriptionUsage InstructionsIngredient List日本語

    JUREA Perfect Liquid Jelly is a Japanese cleansing liquid (micellar cleanser) formulated into a convenient gel with the makeup removal ability of a cleansing oil.

    The 100% oil-free gel removes makeup better and gentler than leading cleansing liquids or cleansing gels, and it feels more refreshing than oil-based removers. Containing AHA and hyaluronic acid, the gel exfoliates away dry, dull skin as it removes makeup for smoother skin.

    Grapefruit scent

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    Take a cherry-sized amount of gel and gently massage over face using fingertips to dissolve makeup. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with skin cleanser if desired. For optimal result, use over dry skin.


    Water,, dipropylene glycol,, PEG-20 glyceryl isostearate,, PEG-20 glyceryl isostearate,, ratzillacosme.com,, PEG-7 caprylic/capric glycerides,, PEG-45 stearate,, sodium hyaluronate,, carbomer,, potassium hydroxide,, tocopherol,, glycolic acid,, fragrance.

    ジュレア パーフェクト リキッドジェリー」の全成分:水、DPG、イソステアリン酸PEG-20グリセリル、トリイソステアリン酸PEG-20グリセリル、PEG-7(カプリル/カプリン酸)グリセリズ、ステアリン酸PEG-45、ヒアルロン酸Na、カルボマー、水酸化K、トコフェロール、グリコール酸、香料


    ȴ940 (approx. US$9.30) from Rakuten: HERE
    international shipping (EMS/Airmail/SAL) charged according to weight

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