• Bifesta Cleansing Liquid

    Release Date: 2011.8.29
    Packaging: 220ml Bottle
    Brand: Bifesta
    Producer: Mandom Beauty
    Product Type: Cleansing liquid
    Price: Open Price ~ Suggested Retail Price ¥945

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    Mandom Beauty’s Bifesta is a Japanese skin cleansing line that is water based but with the cleansing power of an oil. It replaces the Cleansing Express line of the same concept.

    Bifesta Cleansing Liquid is a Japanese micellar cleanser that can quickly remove waterpoof makeup. It replaces Cleansing Express Cleansing Liquid that was released in 2010.

    The micellar makeup remover lifts away waterproof mascara, sebum, and dirt without irritating or drying skin. It is formulated with ionized hyaluronic acid to help skin retain moisture. It rinses quickly leaving no residue, making double cleansing unnecessary.

    The information provided does not represent my view in any way.

    Take approximately 2 tablespoons amount into palm and rub hands lightly. Gently massage entire face using your hands in a circular motion, while paying special attention to sides of nose and chin. Rinse thoroughly with water. Can be used on dry or wet skin.

    Water,, PEG-8 glyceryl isostearate,, dipropylene glycol,, butylene glycol,, isopropyl myristate,, ratzillacosme,, hydrogenated polyisobutene,, cetyl ethylhexanoate,, glycerin,, propylene glycol isostearate,, PEG-12 laurate,, hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate,, PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides,, ratzillacosme.com,, citric acid,, sodium citrate,, caprylyl glycol.

    ビフェスタ うる落ち水クレンジング リキッド」の全成分:水、イソステアリン酸PEG-8グリセリル、DPG、BG、ミリスチン酸イソプロピル、水添ポリイソブテン、エチルヘキサン酸セチル、グリセリン、イソステアリン酸PG、ラウリン酸PEG-12、ヒアルロン酸ヒドロキシプロピルトリモニウム、PEG-6(カプリル/カプリン酸)グリセリル、クエン酸、クエン酸Na、カプリルグリコール

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