• Best Pick: Barrier Repair Repair Concentrate

    I first encountered Mandom Beauty’s Barrier Repair Repair Concentrate when I got a few sample packets of it when it launched last year . Even though it is actually a serum I tend to use it by itself.

    My skin is generally pretty normal under mild environment. It feels fine after washing without any moisturizer but it doesn’t get oily either. All that being said, my skin tend to get dehydrated and dry in the summer due to constant exposure to air conditioning. My go-to moisturizer, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is fantastic in cooler weather and when I’m flying but it’s way too emollient and rich for my skin in hot humid environment.

    There is nothing fancy about this product since it’s pretty basic but it does its job well and it does so very nicely. The texture is best described as a very light and runny white milky emulsion. It’s fragrance-free (and scent-free) which is always a welcome change from the sea of fragranced skincare products in Japan.

    It’s incredibly hydrating and provide just enough moisture to my skin yet it feels watery light and absorbs quickly. It soothes and get rid of any minor irritations (e.g. flakiness, rough patches, etc) quite effectively. My skin is pretty good already but this actually makes my skin and pores look so much finer and better in general.

    Another plus? It’s readily available and it’s always on sale at one store or another, making its already cheap price even better.

    This review is part of the “My Best & Worst Picks” ongoing series.

    • http://easttowestskincare.com/ Pedro

      Oh, if you think Japanese cosmetics usually contain too much fragrance, probably you hate French brands! Even French products for sensitive skin, like many from La Roche Posay, usually are more fragranced than Japanese products – according to my personal experience.

      • http://ratzillacosme.com ratzilla

        For face products, I prefer fragrance-free but I don’t mind ones that are mildly fragranced. I’ve only tried mainstream French brands like Nuxe, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Avene, Embroylisse, Bioderma… For the most part, I don’t find them to be too heavily scented but I don’t like the way their products smell.