• Review: LIERAC Soin Éclat Express Masque Clarté

    LIERAC Soin Éclat Express Masque Clarté (Exfoliating & Clarifying Mask) is a cool, pale green mask that feels instantly refreshing when applied on the skin. Like most clarifying masks, it contains clay and it is intended to be rinsed off. The difference with the Lierac mask, is that it is intended to exfoliate skin in 2 ways — using micro bead particles and using lactic acid (AHA).

    Despite the micro beads in the mask, it wasn’t by any means a scrub. I only used a very small amount as the instructions tell you to spread thinly, so the small tube actually work out to be a great value. It dried very quickly – no doubt due to the thin layer — without a tight, uncomfortable “crackling” sensation and it only needed to be left on for a few minutes (I leave 10 to 15). You remove either by rinsing (quick and easy) or by rubbing it off in a circular motion. It was quite difficult to remove using the latter method — the dried-up mask comes off in little rolled up balls and flake-y bits. I personally prefer lightly massaging my face with dampened hands before rinsing everything off.

    The overall immediate result is very toned and glow-y skin that feels smooth, soft, and refreshed. It tones, tightens, smooths and makes tired skin look instantly brighter without the uncomfortable tautness you get with many clay “purifying” masks.

    This might not be the best option for sensitive skin, but you want to give skin a good going-over and get it looking clear and fresh, this is a a nice, inexpensive option that is readily available.

    »50ml tube for $30 USD from Beauty.com: HERE