• Best & Worst Picks

    My Best & Worst Picks is an ongoing series of reviews dedicated to products I love (and products that really didn’t work for me).

    The reviews are simply quick-to-the-point notes basing solely on my experience with them. So please understand that you might not experience similar results.My skin ID is provided at the end of the ‘About’ page if you wish to use it for reference. As always, click on the image in the review for product information.

    Worst Pick: RMK Makeup Base

    RMK Makeup Base

    RMK Makeup Base is one of the most popular makeup bases in Japan and Hong Kong among professional makeup artists, models, and everyday women. Almost everyone have it in their kit or makeup bag.

    I …

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    Worst Pick: Fasio Sunscreens

    Fasio lineup

    Through a combination of an assortment of sample packets and regular bottles, I’ve pretty much tried all Fasio facial sunscreens that were released this year and the last (2009). Despite the reformulations, I feel about …

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