• Review: InviCible Scars

    InviCible Scars

    There’re lots of products out there claiming to reduce hyperpigmentation, various marks, and scars. I don’t suffer from hyperpigmentation, but I used to find that after every blemish, I’d get a deep red mark that …

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    COSME DECORTE Moisture Liposome Essence


    Launch Date: 1992

    Price: 40ml Botte/¥10,500, 60ml/¥14,175 (Tax Included)

    KOSE’s COSME DECORTE Moisture Liposome Essence is a beauty serum to moisturize and repair dry, irritated skin.

    It utilizes “Lipsome Technology” and “mico-capsules” to deliver “long-lasting …

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    Moisture Skin Repair

    Kose Moisture Skin Repair

    *This product is a quasi-drug in Japan.

    Launch Date: 2004.1.16

    Price: 50ml Bottle/?5,250, 100ml/? 8,925 (Tax Included)

    Active: Rice Power (sic) Extract No. 11

    Kose’s Moisture Skin Repair is a Japanese beauty serum that “improves …

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    ACT-NOV Essence A


    Launch Date: 2008.9.10

    Price: ¥3,675 (tax included)

    Packaging: 30g Tube

    Noevir Group’s ACT-NOV Essence A is a moisturizing beauty essence formulated for adult acne-prone skin.

    It helps keep skin firm and prevent lost of elasticity …

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    MARY QUANT MAGIC RITE Moist Approach

    MARY QUANT MAGIC RITE Moist Approach

    Launch Date: 2009.9.4

    Price: ¥8,400 (tax included)

    Packaging: 26ml Bottle

    MARY QUANT MAGIC RITE Moist Approach is a beauty serum that draws and holds water in while replenishing skin with much needed  moisture. Dry dehydrated …

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