• SANA Namerakahonpo UV Makeup Base N

    SANA Namerakahonpo UV Makeup Base N

    Launch Date: 2011.8.9
    Packaging: 40g Tube
    Brand: SANA Namerakahonpo
    Producer: TOKIWA Pharmaceutical Co. (Noevir Group)
    Product Type: Makeup base
    Price: ¥900


    UV Filter(s): Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide.

    日本語 (Japanese)
    • http://www.loveuponjasmine.blogspot.com Jasmine Quek

      Hi there, i am really puzzled on sunscreen ingriedient? is this suitable as a indoor sunscreen? and do i need a make up remover to cleanse this UV base off? Is this suitable for acne prone skin type?

      • http://www.ratzillacosme.com ratzilla

        The product is a makeup base with UV protection added. It’s meant to be used with makeup, so yes, you should be using a makeup remover (to also remove the makeup). You can use it alone but it would be difficult to apply correctly as a sunscreen due to its texture, finish, and consistency.