• Ettusais Medicated Acne Real Fit Concealer

    Ettusais Medicated Acne Real Fit Concealer SPF12, a Japanese concealer

    Launch Date: 2006.11.9
    Packaging: 4g Tube <3 Shades Available>
    Brand: Ettusais
    Producer: Shiseido
    Product Type: Concealer
    Price: ¥2,100 (tax included)


    UV Filter(s): Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide.

    DescriptionIngredient List日本語

    ★This product is a quasi-drug in Japan.

    Shiseido’s Ettusais Medicated Acne Real Fit Concealer is a Japanese concealer for acne, targeting acne-prone women in their teens and early 20s.

    It is formulated with “AC Control Oil” to suppress acne while optimizing skin’s natural moisture for long-lasting coverage. It features sulphur to treat and prevent acne. The concealer covers acne, acne marks, and dark spots for clean, flawless looking skin.

    The information provided does not represent my view in any way.

    Active(s): Sulphur & Zinc Oxide.

    Other Ingredients: Water,, cyclopentasiloxane,, talc,, dipropylene glycol,, octylsilanized titanium dioxide,, dimethylsiloxane methyl (polyoxyethylene) siloxane copolymer,, xylitol,, sodium L-glutamate,, calcium stearate,, sorbitan sesquistearate,, aluminum stearate,, aluminum hydroxide,, isostearyl alcohol,, ratzillacosme.com,, butylene glycol,, tetra hydro tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane,, nylon-12,, polymethyl methacrylate,, tetradecene,, hydroxyapatite,, eriobotrya japonica leaf extract,, phenoxyethanol,, micronized titaniumd dioxide,, iron oxides,, mica.

    エテュセ 薬用アクネ リアルフィット コンシーラー」の有効成分:イオウ、酸化亜鉛