• Japanese Physical Sunscreen List

    There seem to be fair number of regular readers here who prefer not to use or cannot use sunscreens with chemical filters. This list is compiled especially for you!

    Just as titled, this is a complete list of all the Japanese sunscreens in this site that use physical filters only (zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide).

    Only products that function predominately as a sunscreen will be listed here.
    ☛ See here for a complete list that includes all products with SPF.

    UPDATE 2014: This page is redundant and it will not be updated. Do a indepth search for the current list.

    24h Cosme Floral UV Essence
    ACT-NOV UV Lotion A
    ARBU WHITE EX protect UV
    Attenir HIDAN UV30 Brightening Pearl
    Cardinale Remake UV Powder
    Chifure Make-Up Base Milk
    Curél UV Lotion SPF50+
    Curél UV Milk
    d program Skin Up Protector
    d program Smoothing Sun Block
    FANCL Sunguard 12 Sensitive
    FANCL Sunguard 30 Face & Body
    Fasio Multi Block Super UV Screen (Mild)
    FELICE TOWAKO FTC Perfect Body Milk EX
    Freeplus UV Body Protector N
    HABA UV Cut 25
    HABA UV Cut Milk 37
    Karada Kankyo Souken UV Busters Cream
    Kiss Me Skinfree UV Mild Milk
    Kiss Me Sunkiller Baby Milk N
    Marshmallow Powder Puff UV & Aroma
    Mentholatum SUNPLAY Baby Milk
    M-mark Moisturizing UV Milk
    Mofy Rabbit White Milk UV
    Minon Amino Moist UV Protect Milk
    Namerakahonpo UV Makeup Base
    Nivea Sun Protect Mild Milk
    NOV UV Shield EX
    ONLY MINERALS Aqua Lift UV Mineral Sun Protect
    Orbis Body Shining Sunscreen (R)
    Orbis Sunscreen (R) On Face Light
    POLA WHITISSIMO UV Block Milky Fluid
    PurSensia UV Cut Milk
    RAFRA BB Protector UV
    Shigaisen Yoho UV Powder 4+
    Soka Mocka Sunscreen (2003 version)
    Soka Mocka Sunscreen (2011 version)
    Sonoko Sun Protect Veil
    Suhadafit UV Baby Milk
    SUNKILLER Baby Milk
    SUNKILLER Mild Milk
    SUNKILLER Kid’s Milk
    THREE Gentle UV Protector
    UVLAB Mineral Powder
    Yuskin Bruna Skincare UV Lotion

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